‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Explains Why the Iconic ‘The Subject Was Noses’ Episode Was ‘Important’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)

There are many moments from “The Brady Bunch” that live on in the memories of fans. One of the most famous moments is when Peter and Bobby are playing football. Marcia comes outside and they accidentally hit her in the nose with the ball. “Oh, my nose!” she exclaims.

This memorable moment took place in the episode titled “The Subject Was Noses.” It was the 18th episode of the show’s fourth season. Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady on the show, discussed the episode – and much more about “The Brady Bunch” – during a recent interview with MeTV Tampa Bay.

According to Williams, this episode was “important” because it demonstrated something that viewers of the show still recognize decades after its last episode aired.

“I do think it was an important, important moment in our show,” Williams explained. “Because that show and that episode, I think, was about something – about values, the timeless kinds of values that I think that ‘The Brady Bunch’ has become known for.”

Barry Williams then talked through the plot of the episode and how what happens to Marcia offered a useful lesson.

“She had accepted a date with the high school nerd,” Williams said. “Then, the suave football quarterback came along and asked her out. So, she dumped the guy that she had the first date with. And then, when she showed up with her nose, the football player dumped her. And so, learning about values and how to resolve them, I think, was a big part of what our show was about.”

More Thoughts About ‘The Subject Was Noses’ Episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’

In addition to talking about how “The Subject Was Noses” episode of “The Brady Bunch” is “important,” Barry Williams also shared a few other details he noticed while watching the clip of Marcia getting his with that football.

“When I look at it there are a couple of things that I see,” Williams said. “One is that it looks like Peter is throwing the football for the roof. That is a real football that actually connected with her nose, but not thrown from a distance. And her nose, it looked like Play-Doh they were putting on her nose to make it look bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Williams then went on to further explain just how Marcia actress Maureen McCormick was hit with the football.

“It was a real football,” he said. “But it was thrown into screen very close to her, maybe a couple of feet. Actually, the prop man tried a couple of times and it didn’t connect. Then, (Peter Brady actor) Christopher Knight reminded me that he came in and he actually lobbed it into her face. That’s how it happened.”

You can watch this famous moment from “The Brady Bunch” below.