‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Has a Private Pilot License

by Leanne Stahulak

Look up at the sky! Is it a bird? No, it’s just “The Brady Bunch” actor Barry Williams using his private pilot license.

That’s right, the star who played Greg Brady on the 1970s sitcom has trained to take to the skies. Apparently, Williams thought about becoming a pilot for a while. He revealed in a 2009 interview for WRAL that it’s “something he’s always wanted to do.”

“I am a student pilot very close to getting my private pilot certificate as I write you,” the Greg Brady actor said. “I have flown in an F15, an F18, I have done a tandem parachuting jump, out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 ft, with the famed Golden Knights of Fort Bragg. What’s missing … I would really like to take off from and land on an aircraft carrier in a fighter jet. I know it sounds very Johnny Bravo. But I plan to make it happen. Stay tuned.”

We’re not sure if “The Brady Bunch” star ever fulfilled that wish. But we do know that he eventually completed his training and flew to his current home in Branson, Missouri. Earlier, in 2013, he talked to reporters at Branson Tri-Lakes News about his life post-Brady Bunch.

“I became a pilot about five years ago,” Wiliams said. “It was a bucket list thing. I wasn’t getting any younger, so I got my license. I’ve flown into Branson, but I haven’t been doing much flying around Branson yet.”

What’s ‘The Brady Bunch’ actor up to now?

Today, Williams performs in a band he founded called “Barry Williams and The Traveliers.” Williams plays the guitar and sings vocals along with Mike Ristau, while Williams’ third wife Tina Mahina Williams plays percussion and sings vocals.

Williams threw himself into music and theater after his time on “The Brady Bunch.” Immediately after the end of the classic sitcom, Williams landed the lead role in the Broadway musical “Pippin” and kickstarted his Broadway career. About eight years ago, Williams also produced and wrote his own musical variety show called, “70s Musical Celebration Starring Barry Williams.” The successful show ran for six years out of Williams’ current hometown in Branson, Missouri.

And of course, Williams has done his fair share of “The Brady Bunch” reunions, specials, inside looks, book releases, and film productions. Most recently, Williams teamed up with his fellow “Brady Bunch” costar Christopher Knight for a Paramount + crossover event with “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Knight, who played the middle Brady brother Peter, continued to play Peter in a recreation of the season two episode, “Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?” Williams took on the role of father-figure Mike Brady, who was originally played by the late Robert Reed. The special crossover is now available on Paramount+