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‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Opens Up About His Audition for the Hit Series

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Getting the role of Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch” undoubtedly changed the life of actor Barry Williams forever. How he landed that job is a story in itself.

Williams shared that story during a recent interview with MeTV Tampa Bay. Turns out, he was one of hundreds of young actors who sought a role on the popular sitcom. “The Brady Bunch” originally aired from 1969 until 1974.

It was media personality Mike Deeson who brought up the topic of how Williams was cast as Greg Brady.

“So, tell me about the audition. How did you get the part of Greg Brady?” Deeson asked.

“Well, as I mentioned, I’d worked over a Paramount a few times,” Williams recalled. “But really, a big casting call went out, uh for, to all the agents and they were looking to put together a group of kids.”

Even at that time, the powers that be behind “The Brady Bunch” had an idea of what they were looking for. However, they had yet to decide which two actors would play the roles of the parents – Mike Brady and Carol Brady – on the show.

“Uh, they knew they wanted three boys and three girls, but they didn’t know what they were going to look like,” Williams recalled. “Robert Reed nor Florence Henderson had been set yet when they started the auditioning process.”

Interestingly, according to Barry Williams, the hair color of “The Brady Bunch” children was at that time meant to be the opposite of what it ended up being in the show.

“So at one point, it was going to be blonde boys and brunette girls rather than the other way around,” Williams said. “But that changed when Robert (Reed) was set to do, uh, Mike Brady.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Barry Williams Said Casting for the Show ‘Was Like a Big Net’

It should come as no surprise that when “The Brady Bunch” was being cast numerous actors and actresses auditioned for parts in the show. Barry Williams described the process as a “big net.”

“So it was like a big net, and there were hundreds, hundreds of people … (who were) looked at for their age, experienced personalities, talents, skills,” he recalled.

From that original large group, the field was narrowed,” according to Williams.

“Um, then there were callbacks and it would get smaller each time. … I had a third meeting to meet the creator Sherwood Schwartz,” he explained. “And then we went, we had an on-camera screen test and so they did a screen test with me.”

As luck would have it, Williams said, he was the right actor at the right time for the show. He also said his previous experience working on television helped him land the role on “The Brady Bunch.”

“I think the network knew who I was,” he also said. “The director certainly knew who I was, because the same director who directed our pilot and the first six episodes also directed the ‘Gomer Pyle’ and ‘That Girl’ episodes I was in. Um, so the studio was familiar with me, the director was, the network was. And I think all of that conspired to help get me, get me a role.”