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‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Revealed the One Prop He Kept

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by CBS via Getty Images

Brady Bunch fans, you remember these episodes. They kicked off season four back in 1972. Mike needed to go to Hawaii for a business trip to check on a construction project. So he brought the whole family for a free vacation. It’s so groovy, it turned into a three-parter.

Barry Williams, who played Greg, even talked show producers into sending him and his real-life brothers to Hawaii a week early so they could practice their surfing.

TV-wise, once the Bradys arrived in Honolulu, the action started immediately. They toured Pearl Harbor and learned the World War II history about the battle site. Afterwards, Mike took the boys to his construction site. That’s where Bobby dug up an old tiki idol.

What Was So Terrifying About The Brady Bunch Tiki?

What does it all mean? One of the construction workers knew his island’s history, including the mystical. He told the boys the idol was taboo, that it would bring bad luck to anyone who touched it. However, the Brady Bunch boys thought it was a joke. They didn’t connect the dots when Greg had a surfing accident. Or that bad stuff happened when Bobby wore the idol around his neck.

Episode two continued the bad luck. A wall hanging in the boys’ hotel room crashed to the floor nearly hitting Bobby’s head. And a tarantula snuck into the room and almost bit Peter. The boys now were convinced it was bad luck. Eventually, the tiki idol found its way back to the ancient burial ground.

Or did it? Seems Barry Williams, who played everyone’s favorite big brother, Greg, kept the tiki idol as a memento.

He danced around the question of whether the Brady Bunch producers gifted him the idol necklace. Details. You say stealing, someone else says souvenir.

“I kind of just… you know… it was in my pocket,” Williams said. “Or, maybe, I was just wearing it and forgot to take it off.”

Besides, there was no curse, Williams said. In fact, he felt so confident that the tiki idol was just a benign carving that he brought it with him on a celebrity cruise he helped host. This was back in 2019, when the celebrity guest list included Greg Evigan (B.J. and the BearMy Two Dads), Kathy Garver (Family Affair), Jerry Mathers (Leave It to Beaver), Judy Norton (The Waltons), Butch Patrick (The Munsters) and Jimmie Walker (Good Times).

Williams said the idol would be safe. “I won’t leave it laying out. I’ll have it in glass.”

Plus, he knew the curse was broken. Williams said: “Once we went into syndication, all that bad mojo was lost. It’s all good now.”