‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Revealed Why On-Screen Dynamics Were ‘Authentic’

by Quentin Blount

One star from The Brady Bunch opened up in a previous interview about the chemistry on-screen between he and his fellow co-stars.

As fans of classic television, we all know and love Barry Williams for playing the role of Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch. It is without a doubt the role he is best remembered for. Williams was cast as the eldest of the Brady sons in the 1970s sitcom before going on to make appearances in other shows on television.

Not only that, but he also spent time in musical theater. There he performed on the set of Grease, The Sound of Music, and West Side Story.

After spending time on some of the biggest television sets of his time, Barry Williams definitely knows a thing or two about the chemistry between actors. And he once told The Today Show in 2019 that the on-screen dynamics between his co-stars on The Brady Bunch was second to none.

“So, the show, and what it reflected with its messages, its morals, its communication, and working through issues, was authentic,” Williams explained. “We operated like that as people as actors and as friends.”

That kind of connection, according to Williams, is one that cannot be faked. And it is that chemistry between the characters that has made the show resonate so much after all of these years.

“That’s a quality, a kind of chemistry that you can’t fake,” he says.

You can watch the entire five-and-a-half minute interview below:

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Shined in Other Roles

Even though Barry Williams is best known as Greg Brady, he continued to be successful even after The Brady Bunch ended in 1974.

“In addition to doing a television series, I had other shows and movies that I’ve done,” Williams said. “I wrote a best-selling book about growing up with The Brady Bunch. I was a DJ for Sirius radio for five years. … toured all over the country as a singer and recorded albums and CDs. There is a show I am currently doing in Branson called ’70s Music Celebration.’ It’s my company, my show. I produced a new series coming on Great American Country. So I just think it is diversity.”

Williams once told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that he is happy with how his acting career has panned. And he most certainly should be proud.

“I’m comfortable with the success that I’ve had. But also it is an ongoing process,” Williams said. “You know, I just turned 60. And I’m all energized and I’m ready to start off on a completely new challenge. I think I am more comfortable in my skin because I have a lot less to prove and I’m grateful for a lot more.”

Even with his success elsewhere, we will always remember him best for playing the young Greg Brady. For the latest on all of The Brady Bunch cast, keep reading here on Outsider.