‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Reveals if the Brady Family Felt Like a ‘Real Family’ to Him

by Katie Maloney

Even decades after “The Brady Bunch” aired, people all over the world connect with the dynamics of the family. The Bradys were the family that everyone admired and emulated. Whether Cindy and Peter were bonding, Marcia and Jan were arguing, or Mike and Carol were figuring out how to blend their two families, the world tuned in to watch the family interact.

So, were the actors on the show just as close as the family they portrayed? After spending five seasons creating such a successful show together, it’s hard to believe that the actors didn’t form close bonds. However, maybe we’ve all been kidding ourselves this whole time? Maybe the actors behind the Bradys couldn’t wait to get away from each other. Actor Barry Williams, who played Greg on the show, revealed the truth about the onscreen family during a recent interview.

“First, we spent more time together as a Brady family than we did with our own families much of the year during the original filming of the show. We’ve had eleven reunions, five different series, the variety show, ‘The Brady Brides’, ‘Very Brady Christmas,’ all kinds of specials,” said Williams. “Which kept us in touch with each other throughout the years. Genuinely, we like each other so we’ve kept in touch with each other. We have shared together the monumental events of our lives, weddings, graduations, learning curves, all kinds of things. So, we remain in touch.”

Barry Williams Talked About the Most Recent ‘Brady Bunch’ Reunion

In fact, the family reunited just last year for a special renovation show on HGTV. The network purchased the home used on “The Brady Bunch” show. During the HGTV special, designers and contractors joined forces to transform the house back to what it looked like on “The Brady Bunch.” The cast then participated in a grand unveiling and posed for photos just like they did together decades ago. It was a fun throwback moment for both the cast and fans.

“And it was all capped about a year and a half ago with ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ that aired on HGTV last year. And that was 14 months to turn that house into the Brady house. So we saw each other a lot during that time and it’s reinforced and fortified our relationships and friendships. So, it is like a second family.”

It looks like it’s safe to say that “The Brady Bunch” actors were in fact just as close offscreen as they were on camera. This is a relief because we couldn’t bear the heartbreak of learning that our beloved Bradys were all just an illusion.