‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Reveals His Favorite Guest Stars on the Series

by Quentin Blount

One star actor from The Brady Bunch opened up in a past interview about who some of his favorite guest stars were on the show.

Fans of classic television know and love Barry Williams. After all, Williams played a member of one of TV’s most beloved families — Greg Brady of The Brady Bunch. There is no question that he is best remembered for that role. Williams was cast as the eldest of the Brady sons in the 1970s sitcom before he went on to make appearances in other shows on television.

After working on some of the biggest television sets of his time, Williams has come across his fair share of guest stars. He spoke to Mike Deeson with MeTV Tampa Bay in a previous sit-down and revealed who his favorite guest stars were on The Brady Bunch.

“Well, we’ve talked about one of them already — Don Drysdale,” Williams said. “He was a big treat to have on the show and he was very cool.”

For fans out there who don’t know, Don Drysdale was a professional baseball player and television sports commentator. Drysdale was a right-handed pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers/Los Angeles Dodgers and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984.

However, Drysdale wasn’t the only sports star that made an appearance on The Brady Bunch.

“And in the sports world, Joe Namath was also terrific to have on our show,” he explained. “Florence Henderson had a huge crush on Joe and made no bones about it. He was constantly making her ‘red-faced’. But Joe was great. He came in, he was very low-key. He brought a football with him and we would throw the football in our Brady backyard in between takes. That was great fun for us.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Opens Up About the Show’s Popularity

Barry Williams had no idea that The Brady Bunch would have ever gotten this big. The show first debuted on the air 52 years ago, and yet it still airs old episodes and attracts new fans to this very day. Williams told Deeson with MeTV his thoughts on why the show has remained relevant after all these years.

“I covered my bases,” the Greg Brady actor said. “I didn’t think — nobody, nobody thought — it would kind of, live on for 50 years. Because we didn’t have the technology for that. But I took the work very seriously. I had fun doing it. But I worked very hard to make sure that it was as good as it could be because I know I would be on film. So somebody might see it.”

You can watch the entire interview with The Brady Bunch star by clicking here.