‘The Brady Bunch’: Greg Actor Barry Williams Spoke Out on the ‘Problems with Typecasting’

by Katie Maloney

The Brady Bunch actor, Barry Williams reveals the secret to overcoming typecasting.

We’ve all heard the story. An actor soars to fame as a child and then struggles to be taken seriously as an adult in Hollywood. Typecasting is a real thing. Once an actor nails a certain role, casting agents often pigeonhole that actor in the same roles. However, Barry Williams, who played Greg on The Brady Bunch said that typecasting doesn’t have to be a problem. He said that actors can choose the same type of roles, as long as they also branch out when they want to.

“Typecasting is a problem if it prevents you from being able to pursue different kinds of roles. And different kinds of professional responsibilities that you would like to have,” said Barry.

With decades of fame under his belt, we’re willing to take Barry’s advice.

Barry Avoided Typecasting After The Brady Bunch

Following his success in television with The Brady Bunch, Barry Williams decided he wanted to move his talents to Broadway. He auditioned for Bob Fosse and landed the title role in Pippin. He continued to make television appearances while he toured with musical productions including Grease, The Sound of Music, and West Side Story.

In conclusion, typecasting has never been a problem for Barry. In fact, during another interview, he talked about all the entertainment avenues he’s been able to explore throughout his career.

“Now I’ve been active in nearly every aspect of show business — certainly all the aspects I’m interested in — with some degree of success. Which would be television and musical theater, including Broadway and national tours,” said Barry. “I’ve performed in Las Vegas, I’ve recorded CDs, I’ve written a bestselling book. I’ve produced that book into a television movie for NBC and been a radio DJ on Sirius.”

Barry Williams Starred in A Musical in His Hometown Called ‘70s Music Celebration

Certainly, Barry Williams loves the spotlight. Since the 70s, Barry has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. However, he’s also an outdoorsman. So much so, he decided to uproot his life and move to Missouri near the Ozark Mountains.

“…if I’m not working, I’m probably out on the lake reading, floating, water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, whatever it is to do on the water,” Williams said during an interview. “Our biggest challenge is to try and figure out someplace we want to go on vacation when home is such a great place to live.”

Luckily, his new hometown also has a pretty great entertainment community. In fact, in 2016 Barry Williams joined the Stars of Branson to star in ‘70s Music Celebration. The show was all about actors reliving and reminiscing about the music from the 1970s. The high-energy show featured all the country and classic rock musical hits from the 70s including Elton John, the Eagles, and the Bee Gees.

“That was about my adventures as a big fish/small pond kind of thing here in Branson, and that was a musical variety rock and roll show called ’70s Music Celebration,” said Barry. So I’m pleased. Things have worked out just fine.”

Barry Williams performs in 70s Music Celebration