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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Describes His First Acting Role as a ‘Wonderful Experience’: Here’s Why

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

His role on “The Brady Bunch” is the role for which actor Barry Williams is most remembered by television fans. However, playing Greg Brady was not the first role Williams had in his career.

He talked about his first acting job during a recent interview with MeTV Tampa Bay and media personality Mike Deeson.

“Tell me, what was your first role?” Deeson asked Williams.

Turns out, the future “The Brady Bunch” star’s first acting television job was appearing with a highly-respected actor of stage and screen.

“First television role was Universal Studios and it was ‘Run for Your Life,'” Williams recalled. “A series starring Ben Gazzara – another very prominent actor.”

Williams also described working on this show in very positive terms. In fact, he said appearing on the show really helped propel his career forward and led to him getting more roles on televisoin.

“It was a wonderful show – a wonderful experience,” he explained. “That’s what really kicked it off. From there, that where Jack Webb saw me. That led to ‘Dragnet.'”

Other television roles soon followed for Williams. He said during the interview that these included “The F.B.I.” and “The Invaders.”

“(‘Run for Your Life’) led to ‘Adam 12,’ ‘It Takes a Thief’ – a lot of shows,” he also said.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Also Shared More Details About His First Television Show

The 66-year-old Barry Williams also described the plot of the “Run for Your Life” television show.

“The convention of the show was (Ben Gazzara’s character) was a man who had two years to live and had to cram a whole lifetime into those two years,” Williams shared.

Interestingly, the show about a man with only two years live was actually on the air for three seasons. According to “The Brady Bunch” star, this caused some issues with the show.

“When they got into the third year of the series,” Williams laughed. “They had to keep pushing down that goal post.” “A miracle cure!”

According to IMDb.com, “Run for Your Life” aired from 1965 until 1968. Barry Williams appeared in an episode titled, “The Company of Scoundrels.” It was the sixth episode of the show’s third season and it aired during October 1967.

The original run of “The Brady Bunch” took place from 1969 until 1974. And, according to what Barry Williams recently had to say to Mike Deeson, he is very proud of being a Brady.

“I fully own it,” Williams also said. “Nothing to apologize here. I’m very, very pleased to be, you know, a part of this group experience and what it stands for, the brand. You know, there’s certain roles that probably, you know, not going to be offered to me, but you know, if I never play a psychotic serial murderer, killer, rapist, I’ll be fine.”