‘The Brady Bunch’: How Florence Henderson Knew Robert Reed Was ‘Nervous’ About the ‘Honeymoon Scene’

by Joe Rutland

Imagine watching “The Brady Bunch” and seeing Mike and Carol Brady so much in love with one another. Then realize it wasn’t real.

What was the deal here? According to a documentary done by Austalia’s Network Ten in the early 2000s, there apparently was a lack of sexual chemistry between Robert Reed [Mike] and Florence Henderson [Carol].

“The Brady Bunch” premieres in September 1968 on ABC. Mike Brady and the former Carol Martin get married in that first episode. Yes, their kids went with them on their honeymoon.

Star of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Remembers Moment When Reed Became Uncomfortable

Something, though, was off. Henderson talks about a specific scene in the episode.

“There was a scene where we were supposed to be very lovey-dovey and kissing,” Henderson says. “And we’d rehearsed it and it was fine. When we got ready to shoot it, Bob started complaining about something and that was the moment that I knew that Bob was very nervous about the love scene.”

“The Brady Bunch” lasted five seasons on ABC, but Reed wished the show had never hit the airwaves. He didn’t like creator Sherwood Schwartz’s ideas, often complained about scripts and other things.

As much as young kids during its first run on network TV between 1969-74 made up its core audience, Reed didn’t care about that. He never wanted to do the show’s pilot, according to Ann B. Davis, who played Alice the housekeeper.

But the show, despite Reed’s complaints, remains popular in reruns these days. That’s nearly five decades since “The Brady Bunch” first appeared on TV. Besides Reed, Henderson, and Davis, other show stars include Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Susan Olsen.

Today, Williams stands out as the oldest living original member of the show at 66 years old. Reed, Henderson, and Davis have all passed away.

Eve Plumb Took Measures To Break Out Of Her Typecast Role On Show

One actress who decided to break out of any typecasting from “The Brady Bunch” was Eve Plumb. She really didn’t want to be remembered forever as Jan, complaining about “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”

Give her some credit for putting for an effort. Plumb played in a 1977 TV movie called “Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn.” Plumb received some sold reviews for her work. But the movie proved controversial because of its sexual content.

“I think every actor wants to play somebody who’s bad, you know,” she says in an interview for Network Ten. “Doing the bad things, so I got to play a bland teen prostitute and, of course, I was so naive.”

As much as Plumb ran away from playing Jan, “The Brady Bunch” just kept growing in popularity and she couldn’t outrun it.