‘The Brady Bunch’: Jan Brady Actress Eve Plumb Credits Two People for Success During and After Show

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Some actors who become famous during childhood see their careers fade after the initial years of stardom. Others are able to keep a successful career in the entertainment industry alive. Eve Plumb of “The Brady Bunch” fame was able to keep a successful career alive in the years after the popular sitcom ended its initial run on television.

According to IMDb.com, “The Brady Bunch” aired from 1969 until 1974.

During an interview with Closer Weekly in 2018, the actress who famously portrayed Jan Brady said there were some individuals who helped her along the way. There was one person who helped her get her career started. More importantly, two others helped make sure that she would be successful as a child and as an adult.

According to the article, Plumb was pretty surprised at her rise to fame. “It just happened,” she reportedly said. One individual who started Eve Plumb on her path to “The Brady Bunch” was a neighbor who just happened to work as an agent for children in entertainment. This led to small jobs for Plumb, which eventually led to “The Brady Bunch.”

“A children’s agent moved next door to me when I was a kid and I got a commercial, then I kept getting more,” Plumb reportedly told Closer Weekly. “I shot TV pilots, appeared on ‘The Big Valley,’ then ‘Lassie,’ then ‘The Brady Bunch’ came.”

After ‘The Brady Bunch’ Came to an End, Eve Plumb Has Been Successful Thanks to Her Parents

After “The Brady Bunch” came to an end and as Eve Plumb grew from a child to an adult, she knew things would become difficult if she wasn’t ready. This is where two very important people in her life stepped in.

“I had so much success as a child,” Plumb reportedly told Closer Weekly. “But once you age out of being the cute kid, then what? If you’re not ready for it, it can be very difficult.”

This is where her parents really stepped up. It was these two people who helped the actress with her success. And it was them who supported her as she grew into an adult. She told the publication that the way they raised her was an asset. Her upbringing proved to be very helpful for her.

“My father ran my career and invested my money very well,” Plumb told the publication. “My mother was with me on set every day. They never took a cent from me!”

Also, part of what has helped Eve Plumb continue her acting career is her work ethic.

“I will audition for anything,” Plumb also said. “Whatever comes my way!”

And, unlike many actors who don’t want to be identified with roles they played as children, Plumb is happy with her connection to Jan Brady. For her, it’s just fine that people see her and know she was on “The Brady Bunch.”

“If it gets me in the door [for jobs], then fine,” Plumb said. “If you’re surprised to learn I can do other things, then great!”