‘The Brady Bunch’: Legendary Sets from Show Were Used in Bizzare 1975 Horror Film, See Photos

by Megan Molseed

Forty-six years ago today, the bizarre horror film “Bug” was released. The creepy-crawly film is about a skittery hoard of mutant cockroaches. The killer bugs are released upon the planet after an earthquake. As if “mutant cockroach” wasn’t enough to creep moviegoers out, these mutant bugs can create fire at a whim. 

The 1975 film, “Bug” hasn’t found much of a following now or even shortly after its cinematic release. However, there is one well-known feature in the film. Additionally, the familiar feature is one that most audiences would never think would be a place where cockroaches would ever show up. 

Here’s a Story: Cockroaches Take Over ‘The Brady Bunch’ House

“The living room and kitchen sets from the ABC series ‘The Brady Bunch,’ which had been canceled the previous year, were reused in the film, ‘Bug,’” the “Retro News Now” tweet said.

“The Brady Bunch” first aired on September 26, 1969. The series has long been a fan favorite. Featuring a blended family after father Mike Brady marries mother Carol (Florence Henderson.) Mike Brady, (Robert Reed) is a widowed architect with three sons.  He meets Carol Martin, the mother of three girls. Mike Brady designed the Los Angeles suburb home, in the show’s lore anyways.

During the show’s run, the Brady family faces a variety of subjects, such as sibling rivalries, and the importance of telling the truth. However, we are almost certain deadly cockroaches were never a concern for the “Brady Bunch.”

Alice Would Never Let Bugs Take Over Her Kitchen

Joining the Brady clan was housekeeper Alice (Ann B. Davis). Surely, Alice would be horrified to learn that in 1975, mutant, killer, fire-starting cockroaches took over her domain. 

The Brady home background seems to be such an odd setting for such a buggy film. However, the film’s director, William Castle thought it would be a perfect place for the creepy roaches to present themselves to an unsuspecting housewife in the creepy flick. The set became the backdrop after the popular shows end in 1974. 

According to Zillow, the actual Brady Bunch house from the popular series and the buggy 1975 film is located in North Hollywood California. It sold for $3.5 million in 2018.