‘The Brady Bunch’: Marcia Actress Maureen McCormick Hated the Storyline of TV Series Spin-Off

by Chris Haney

In 2008, The Brady Bunch actress Maureen McCormick released a memoir where she touched on both her life and career on the hit TV series.

Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice recounts McCormick’s experiences and struggles while on the show and after. The actress opens up about the difficulties of being famous and in the spotlight. In addition, she speaks candidly about her drug usage. McCormick also reveals that she couldn’t stand the plot of The Brady Bunch spin-off series, The Brady Brides.

Although The Brady Bunch came to an end in 1974 after five seasons, it stayed popular through its syndicated re-runs. Seven years later, a spin-off of the series aired for only one season. However, McCormick was hesitant from the start to accept the role.

Writers based the new series off of the two eldest Brady girls having a double wedding. Marcia and Jan even live together, which created plenty of issues within their household. Yet after just 10 episodes, the spin-off was canceled the same year it aired. McCormick shared in her book why she originally had no desire to participate in it.

“When I first heard about The Brady Brides, a two-hour movie that had the Bradys reuniting for Marcia and Jan’s double wedding, I said no way,” McCormick wrote in her memoir. “I thought it was stupid. I was a million miles away from the world of Marcia Brady. And as I told my agent, Sandy, I didn’t consider that a bad thing.”

Of course, The Brady Bunch star eventually accepted the role. After speaking with some of her old cast members, they decided to reunite for the reboot.

“Some of us spoke on the phone beforehand,” she continued. “A nice spirit emerged as the entire original cast signed on ….”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Actress Missed Her Screen Test Because of Drug Use

As The Brady Brides filled out the rest of its cast members, McCormick was dealing with some of the darkest years of her life. Towards the end of The Brady Bunch, the actress started using cocaine regularly. Seven years later after the show ended, she still struggled with the drug. In her book, McCormick writes about missing a scheduled screen test with multiple actors auditioning to play her on-screen husband.

“Instead of showing up on the set that morning, I blew it off,” McCormick wrote. “I was at home, getting high, as I’d done for days.”

Her agent knew where to find her though and eventually showed up at her home. Sandy demanded McCormick to shower and get ready. The agent then hurried the actress back over to Paramount for the screen test.

“I sat in the passenger seat with my head thrown back and eyes shut or else I stared out the window, feeling sick and unable to focus as the buildings and storefronts whizzed by in a blur,” McCormick added.

The Brady Bunch star knew she had a problem with drugs and pleaded for help. Although she didn’t get clean right away, she did finally beat her addiction with the love and support from friends, including her Brady family members.