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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick is Embracing Fall in New Update

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

It’s cozy season, as the summer months are long gone and the fall and winter months are here. The leaves are changing color. The leaves are falling, too. We, Outsiders, love some good fall foliage, and so does The Brady Bunch‘s Maureen McCormick.

Yes, McCormick is taking in the beautiful foliage this time of year.

She wrote of the leaves, “HappyFriday Y’all! I loooove this time of year! Hope you are all staying safe!”

There you have it, Outsiders. The Brady Bunch star loves this time of year, but who doesn’t with the leaves changing and the air becoming crisper by the hour.

The Brady Bunch Reunites

It wasn’t too long ago the cast of the iconic show from the ’70s reunited. McCormick cited the reunion as a “surreal experience” for obvious reasons. A lot of time had passed. As we age, it only gets more difficult to find the time to reconnect with one another. It’s hard to get that many folks in the same place.

She said of the encounter, “Everyone lives in different parts of the country and everyone was working on different parts of the room or in different rooms, so we weren’t together constantly at all.” With Zoom, you can do that virtually s we’ve seen other iconic shows do over the last two years, but to get everybody physically in the same place takes a lot of time and commitment on everyone’s part.

She continued, “I have seen some of the cast throughout the years — at weddings or at dinners. I had gone to Utah and was hanging out with Michael Lookinland’s family. I mean I think the last time I had seen anyone before this was possibly at Chris Knight’s wedding that was here in California but it had been, I think at least 15 years since we had all been together on camera.”

It makes sense that she sees different folks at different points throughout the years. To know that it’d been 15 years to that point that they’d all been on camera together was petty wild. Especially when you consider just how long the group had worked with another year ago. They spent so much time with one another, and then, it ended.

However, some folks, like Florence Henderson are no longer around to reconnect, which was unfortunate for McCormick. She concluded, “The biggest life lessons I have learned, came from Florence, and that was, being able to find joy like in a big way.” Clearly, Florence had a great impact on her and will always be missed as a Brady Bunch legend.