‘The Brady Bunch’: Maureen McCormick Revealed the ‘Blessing’ and ‘Curse’ of Being Marcia Brady

by John Jamison

Maureen McCormick played Marcia Brady on “The Brady Bunch for 117 episodes from 1969 to 1974. These were extremely formative years for the teenage actress and had a major impact on her life outside the world of television. As with many in the TV industry, McCormick’s iconic role of Marcia Brady did wonders for her, but it also had its share of negatives.

We hear about typecasting all the time, especially in the context of fan-favorite TV classics like “The Brady Bunch.” Actors get so famous for a specific character that studios and networks don’t think they’d be believable as anyone else. This is the situation that Maureen McCormick found herself in. And it’s why she has such contrasting feelings about her time on the show.

In an interview with WGN Morning News back in 2006, McCormick talked about how Marcia had her pros and cons in regard to Maureen’s life after her days on “The Brady Bunch.”

“Well, it’s a blessing because, you know, I was on a show that is loved by America and it’s just- you know, that’s a great thing,” she said. It’s a curse when you’re an actress and you get so well known for one role and you want to move on and do other things. But the blessings definitely outweigh the curse and it was just a great, great show to be a part of.”

In hindsight, Maureen McCormick looks at her time on the show in a positive light. That’s good to hear, considering some of the personal struggles she experienced after the show ended.

Maureen McCormick Waited Longer than Other ‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast Members to Write a Tell-All

In the interview, McCormick went on to talk about why it took her so long to write the biographical book about her life that she was promoting at the time, “Here’s the Story.” Most of her fellow “The Brady Bunch” cast members had already published similar types of books. So why didn’t Maureen?

She just wasn’t ready.

“You know, I didn’t feel ready to, in my life. I felt like my whole life I was kind of hiding, and being this perfect person like Marcia is,” she said.

Maureen McCormick struggled with substance abuse, and she was extremely candid about those parts of her life in her book. And being ready to share those details was part of why it took her so long to write it.