‘The Brady Bunch’ Actor Mike Lookinland’s Hilarious Reaction to Young Co-stars’ Smoking Habits

by Will Shepard

When young actors become stars in Hollywood, there are a lot of different possible outcomes. While some get sucked into addictions and the like, others overcome adversity to be better people. Well, on The Brady Bunch, Mike Lookinland was exposed to vices at an incredibly young age.

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2019, the Brady children went on the show. Even though they are all certainly grownups now, they had some hilarious stories.

In particular, Lookinland talked about how much the cast enjoyed smoking cigarettes. As a young actor, this was off-putting for him. However, the way he describes the other cast members smoking is hilarious.

On the show, a person called in asking Mike and Susan about what it was like to be the youngest actors on The Brady Bunch. The caller also had a second part. They wanted to know if the two actors treated were treated like younger siblings when the cameras stopped rolling.

Susan started answering the question. She explained that she is the youngest member of her own family. But, she liked being the youngest and even said that being part of the cast as the younger character was excellent.

Next, she gave an example for the caller. Before she could finish the example, Christopher Knight chimed in and said, “the pigtails.” To which, Susan exclaimed, “that was horrible.” Nonetheless, she got back to the example.

A Handful of “The Brady Bunch” Kids Took up Smoking, and They Smoked a Lot

She explained that all of the kids were playing in a commissary when Barry Williams did something unusual for her. Susan said that he told her she didn’t need to do a big slide if she was too scared. It is a great example of how close everyone was on the show and that they all looked out for one another.

However, Lookinland chimed in with his thoughts on The Brady Bunch cast. He said, “My biggest trouble was trying to get my head around the fact that these two and that one were smoking cigarettes constantly.”

He pointed at Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, and Eve Plumb. The host of the show, Andy Cohen, asked Eve if she smoked, and she replied that she used to. Cohen laughed and said, “I love it!”

Lookinland wasn’t finished there, though. He said, “It was a huge no-no, right? But, all the grownups were doing it.”

Cohen again said that he loved hearing about that. Susan chimed back in and explained that the carpet on set was littered with burn holes from the cigarettes. She also said that there would be butts all over the place as well.

So, it sounded like the set was just a big smoking room. At any rate, Lookinland didn’t pick up the trend of smoking on The Brady Bunch set.