‘The Brady Bunch’: Mike Lookinland Revealed Advice He Gave to Son When He Played Bobby Brady

by Jennifer Shea

Mike Lookinland played the youngest son, Bobby Brady, on “The Brady Bunch.” But when producers had to cast someone to play him in the TV movie “Growing Up Brady,” they turned to Lookinland’s son, Scott Michael Lookinland.

Lookinland gave an interview to HollywoodChicago.com. In it, he discussed his own early days as an actor and what he told his son when the latter was portraying him in the TV movie.

Lookinland said that growing up, he had as normal a life as possible. But that was mostly thanks to his parents. He attended Los Angeles public schools through grade school and junior high. He would go back to school between episodes of the show. When he got back, his on-set tutor had put him ahead of the class.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Mike Lookinland Offered Advice to Son Scott Michael  

Later on, Lookinland’s son Scott Michael took on the role of his father in “Growing Up Brady.” And when he did, Lookinland had some straightforward, practical advice for his son.

“I probably just told him be yourself and do what the director tells you,” Lookinland said. “Because I’m not the director. He is. Just do what the director tells you and everything will be fine.”

Also, Lookinland added that his family is the best part of his life. He’s been happily married for 25 years.

The Song and Dance Period in the 1970s Was Tough for Lookinland

The interviewer asked Lookinland if he had ever refused to go along with something on “The Brady Bunch.” Specifically, the interviewer asked about that relative to the song and dance period in the 1970s. So Lookinland replied that no, he hadn’t. Actually, he said, he was a pretty dedicated employee of the show.

“I actually went along with everything I did based on the fact… that ‘they’ hired you and ‘they’ were your employer, and I was the employee,” Lookinland explained. Also, “They were the boss. And I had to do what they told me. That was sort of the theme of my young life. We weren’t allowed to go off the rails. We were kept on a pretty tight [leash].”

“I didn’t mind the singing. I am a singer and musician,” he added. “But I can’t dance to save my life.”

Speaking of dancing, Lookinland got to meet Fred Astaire on the set of the movie “The Towering Inferno.” He also met Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. Lookinland said Astaire’s “feet never touched the ground when he walked.” But from a dancing wiz like Astaire, that seemed only natural.

Bottom line: Being on “The Brady Bunch” afforded Lookinland lots of great opportunities. Unfortunately for Lookinland, the dancing was just part of the price of the ticket to ride.