‘The Brady Bunch’ Movie, ‘The Brady Girls Get Married,’ Was Only Filmed Under One Condition: Here’s What it Was

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery)

“The Brady Bunch” was originally on the air from 1969 until 1974. However, fans of the family sitcom had other opportunities to learn more about the Brady family as the six children grew into adulthood.

One of those opportunities was the 1981 television film, “The Brady Girls Get Married.” It follows the weddings of eldest daughter Marcia Brady and middle daughter Jan Brady as they prepare for their weddings.

However, getting this television movie made was a challenge. According to the documentary, “The Brady Bunch Exposed,” the idea for this reunion event was that of the show’s creator, Sherwood Schwartz. He reportedly had wanted to have a reunion event for a while.

Even though the show’s creator had the idea, the movie could only move forward on one condition.

The condition was that Schwartz had to get every original cast member from “The Brady Bunch” to agree to appear in this television movie.

The one cast member that caused the most concern because of this condition was Robert Reed. He played the family patriarch Mike Brady in the series. Reed and Schwartz reportedly had a very rocky relationship during the series. The documentary claims that the two “fought like pit bulls throughout ‘The Brady Bunch.'”

Somewhat surprisingly, Robert Reed agreed to take part in “The Brady Girls Get Married.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Robert Reed Said Cast ‘Liked Each Other’

After reporting that Reed agreed to take part in this reunion special, the documentary cut to the actor talking about how he felt about the cast.

“I think that I can say that we’re as close as any cast could be,” Reed said. “First of all, we were playing a family at the time when the kids were kids and we spent five years at it – watched them grow. We spent more time together than we did with our own families and we liked each other.”

Having those feelings, it’s easy to see why Reed agreed to take part in the television movie.

Interestingly, Eve Plumb did not appear in a previous reunion of “The Brady Bunch.” This was “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. However, she also decided to take part in “The Brady Girls Get Married.” So why did she agreed to do it? Money.

“They managed to come up with some money,” Plumb also said in the documentary. “You say, ‘no,’ and they keep adding money. It’s not like it’s a million, billion dollars. But at the time, when you’re not doing anything and somebody calls up and says, ‘Would you do this for this money?’ … It gets hard to say, ‘no.'”

Television Movie Led To Spinoff Sitcom

Luckily for Sherwood Schwartz – and fans of “The Brady Bunch” – the television film did happen. It showed Marcia and Jan get married in a duel wedding ceremony. And according to the documentary, it “was a ratings winner.”

Because of this success, a spinoff sitcom titled, “The Brady Brides,” hit the airwaves in 1981. According to IMDb, the show only had one season that consisted of seven episodes.

You can watch footage about the series from “The Brady Bunch Exposed” below. Discussion about the television movie, “The Brady Girls Get Married,” begins around the 12:40 mark of the video.