‘The Brady Bunch’: One Star Worked as a Cameraman for ‘Nearly 20 Years’ After Show’s Run

by Keeli Parkey

Some actors who rise to stardom as youngsters continue to act for the rest of their lives. Others move on to different professions after their childhood roles came to an end. For one of the famous “Brady Bunch” kids, a career behind the camera was what he chose to pursue.

And, when we say behind the camera – we literally mean behind the camera. So, which “Brady” kid are we talking about?

Well, it is none other than Bobby Brady. It was actor Mike Lookinland who portrayed Bobby on the show. “The Brady Bunch” aired from 1969 until 1974. The actor was born on Dec. 19, 1960.

According to what Lookinland told The Sydney Morning Herald during 2015, he chose to focus on ventures other than acting after “The Brady Bunch” came to an end. He stayed in the entertainment industry for a time, but chose to focus on its more technical aspects.

“I went to the University of Utah and coming out of film school I was working toward getting into the (Directors Guild of America) and I decided that the technical fields were more to my liking so I became a cameraman. I was a camera technician for a very long time, almost 20 years,” Lookinland reportedly said.

Interestingly, Lookinland was in Australia to participate in the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney and Perth, according to the news article. And, the actor-turned-cameraman enjoyed his time in Australia.

“It’s pretty wild, it’s not uncommon for me to do one of these in Chicago or Los Angeles or sometimes even closer to home but coming to Australia is quite the adventure,” Lookinland reportedly said.

Working as a Cameraman Wasn’t Only Career Path for Mike Lookinland of ‘The Brady Bunch’

During that 2015 interview, Lookinland talked about his decision to pretty much leave the entertainment industry altogether. And, he decided to choose work that was pretty different from his work as an actor and cameraman.

“It wasn’t until 10 years ago that I decided to really get out of the business and now I run my own small company,” Lookinland told the publication. “We’re artisans, we make fancy things out of concrete, like countertops, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.”

Changing his life to work on such projects was a welcome one for the former “Brady Bunch” star.

“It was certainly a change of pace,” Lookingland reportedly said. “I always enjoyed the idea of concrete in modern architecture and so when I saw this idea in a book I said to my wife ‘I’m quitting my job’! It has definitely worked out though, we’re popular here.”

Mike Lookinland wasn’t the only former child star from “The Brady Bunch” who went on to a career – or two – other than acting. Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady, worked as a graphic designer and radio host. She even grew marijuana for sale at one point in her adult life.