‘The Brady Bunch’ Originally Had a Different Name Due to a Hit Western Movie

by Katie Maloney

Would you have watched “The Brady Bunch” if it had this name…

Undoubtedly, “The Brady Bunch” is one of the most iconic classic TV shows of all time. Mike and Carol Brady and their six children became household favorites around the world. But “The Brady Bunch” almost wasn’t “The Brady Bunch.” In fact, the show went through several different name changes before landing on the one we all know and love.

First, in some of the earliest drafts of the scripts, the Bradys were the Bradleys! Can you imagine Marsha and Jan Bradley? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it that the Bradys do. But it gets worse. When the show did finally land on the Brady name, they titled the show “The Brady Brood.” And the name stuck for most of the time leading up to filming the pilot episode. Trade publications originally referred to the series as “The Brady Brood.” And the scripts for the pilot episode, “The Honeymoon,” came with “The Brady Brood” printed across the cover.

No one seems to know exactly who came up with the idea to change the name to “The Brady Bunch,” but we’re glad they did. However, the network was reluctant to use “Bunch” in the title at first. At the time, a movie had just come out called “The Wild Bunch.” It was a gritty, bloody western and one of the first movies to use an “R” rating. The studio feared that if they used the word “Bunch” in their title, people would think of the violence in the wild west movie.

Nevertheless, “Bunch” won out and the show was officially titled “The Brady Bunch.” Can you imagine the opening theme song for “The Brady Brood”?!

“The Brady Bunch” theme song.

Alice Had An Entirely Different Name In Early Scripts For ‘The Brady Bunch’

The madness doesn’t stop with just the title of the show. The show’s creators also originally named the Brady housekeeper, “Kris.” Can you imagine a Brady bunch world without Alice? In a description for the character, “Kris” was “middle-aged” with “a fondness for her own good cooking has made her plump.” Kris was also Swedish.

Luckily, the show’s creators deviated a lot from the show’s original plans. Kris transformed into our beloved Alice. The Bradleys became the Bradys. And “The Brady Brood” (thankfully) changed to “The Brady Bunch.” And all was right in the sitcom world.