‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Peter Actor Christopher Knight’s Least Favorite Episode is ‘Dough Re Mi’

by Anna Dunn

Every TV actor probably has an episode or two of their show that isn’t their favorite. For The Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight, that episode is Dough Re Mi.

The reasons, however, are different than you may expect. Dough Re Mi is an episode where The Brady Bunch cast was required to sing, but they left out Knight.

“I thought they were making fun of me not being able to carry a tune,” he said in an interview last year. In fact, Knight, who was just a child at the time, really felt singled out on set.

“So what they did is they invented a very special way to avoid me having to sing and then pointed it out in what I thought was a cruel kind of way. And I hated that episode. I hated doing that episode,” he told
Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson.

But just because Knight doesn’t like that episode of The Brady Bunch, he does feel like it’s good from an outside perspective. “It works, though,” he said. “The episode works, I just hated it for what went on [in] my little brain at the time.”

Meanwhile, his favorite episode also involved a behind the scenes experience, when they got to travel to Hawai’i.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Quit Acting for A Surprising Career Path

Many child stars struggle to find their footing in Hollywood once they grow up. Knight didn’t really want to be in Hollywood at all. Knight struggled with being a child actor and felt his true passion was science. The Brady Bunch star later went on to sell computers and found software companies. He’s described the work as his true passion.

The actor, who played Peter Brady, felt forced into acting by his Mother. He felt he never got to live out a traditional childhood experience because he was always auditioning for something or doing interviews. Then, he had The Brady Bunch.

“I went through my period where I didn’t want to be a Brady. I wanted to ignore it, and I wanted it to go away,” he once told Popentertainment.com. But he has learned to live with the fact that many know him as Peter.

Now, long after the end of The Brady Bunch, he has a career he’s truly passionate about.

“I got a job as a rep in the computer industry selling peripherals. It was a great learning experience, and I became an expert on the video side of things. I took to it, like a duck to water. It sort of was a passion of mine. I mean, I’m sort of a geek, really,” he said.

While not every episode was easy, it’s nice to know Knight has found his true yet quite unexpected passion after his success on The Brady Bunch.