‘The Brady Bunch’ Recycled These Plot Lines From ‘My Three Sons’

by Will Shepard

“If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s a perfect child.” While this is an iconic quote from The Brady Bunch, it rings true in so many aspects of life. There is no such thing as a perfect child, or at least there shouldn’t be. More importantly, though, there is no such thing as a perfect television show.

In fact, The Brady Bunch itself is not perfect. However, it is an excellent show that will likely live on for a long time. But, some of the show’s plot points are far from perfect and some of them are even borrowed.

The show began in 1969 and ran until 1974. It was a wonderful handful of years that brought laughs to millions of people. Along the way, though, they were recycling some plot points from another show, My Three Sons.

“The Brady Bunch” Borrowing Some Important Plot Lines

Because the Brady family was so large and chaotic, there were a lot of things for the show to explore. But, the writers of the show were certainly fans of My Three Sons. Even though The Brady Bunch centers around six kids, girls and boys, the show began borrowing ideas from several episodes.

According to IMDb, there were a lot of borrowed plot lines. Even though the shows were written differently and had their own unique quirks, it is clear that a few episodes run along with the same plots.

“Several episodes of the later series The Brady Bunch contained “recycled” plots from this show: Katchoo (1969), was from Tramp or Ernie (1966). The Winner (1971) was from A Hunk of Hardware (1966). And Two Petes in a Pod (1974) was from The Wrong Robbie (1966).”

The themes of these episodes are eerily similar. There was certainly no hesitation to borrow ideas from other shows. The Brady Bunch also borrowed from Family Affair, another 1960s show that dealt with familial problems. Additionally, the show also took plot lines from The Patty Duke Show.

Although The Brady Bunch‘s plotlines were not all original, the show is still incredibly entertaining and good for some hearty laughs along the way.