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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Opened Up on the Double-Edged Sword of Being a Celebrity

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Tony Korody/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)

Thanks to his role on “The Brady Bunch,” actor Christopher Knight rose to fame at a young age. And, his life after playing Peter Brady was shaped by his celebrity status. However, his fame did not always mean that his life was easy.

Knight talked about what it is like to be a celebrity during an interview on “Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson.” And, he shared his feelings about being famous can be detrimental to people.

Robinson asked Knight to share his thoughts about fame and about celebrity. Fame, he said, should be experienced very carefully.

“Uh, fame. Well, uh, fame can be powerful,” “The Brady Bunch” star said. “Uh, it can be destructive. It’s uh, it’s like fire. It can be useful, but you can also burn down the town and yourself by getting a little too intimate with it and trusting it too much. “

“And, celebrity?” Robinson then asked.

“I see them as the same thing. I mean, fame is really, I guess, you know, can be that negative as well as positive,” Christopher Knight said. “And, celebrity seems to be somebody whom we – for some reason – put up on a pedestal and treat special. They say that in the United States our celebrities are replacement for royalty that we don’t have.”

Christopher Knight of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Said ‘Celebrity Isn’t as Much Fun’ As People Think It Is

While being put up on a pedestal can be a great experience, there are downsides to being a famous celebrity, according to this actor from “The Brady Bunch.”

“Celebrity isn’t as much fun on the inside or from this perspective than it is, perhaps, thinking about,” Knight said.

In fact, he said the opposite of celebrity could be preferable.

“I believe that anonymity has tremendous usefulness. And, there’s a lot of power in it,” Knight said. “And, too much exposure is just that – too much exposure and is perhaps an indication that somebody needs too much from other people if they’re buying into their own celebrity.”

“The Brady Bunch” star then shared some words of caution and words of advice.

“I can tell you this, people that do buy into their own celebrity probably won’t have … won’t be famous for long,” Knight said. “But I mean, in other words, it’s probably best to take yourself off the pedestal.”

You can watch Christopher Knight talk about growing up famous on “The Brady Bunch” below. His comments on this topic begin at the 5-minute mark of the episode.