‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Detailed the Time He Was Incorrectly Diagnosed with a Brain Hemorrhage

by Keeli Parkey

Years ago, one of the actors who played one of the three sons in “The Brady Bunch” received some very shocking and worrisome news regarding his health. He was told he had a brain hemorrhage. Fortunately for this star, that proved to be incorrect.

So, what happened? Well, according to an interview this actor gave on a segment of “The Doctors” titled “Can You Anatomy” during November 2019, this unfortunate misdiagnosis involved a bad CAT scan.

This star of “The Brady Bunch” is Christopher Knight. He famously played middle son Peter Brady on the beloved 1970s family sitcom. He told this story after he was asked if he had ever had a time in his life when he thought he was going to die. It’s a morbid question, for sure. But luckily for Knight, his experience had a happy ending.

“You know, so, there was a time when I thought, ‘Huh?’ I had a bad headache. It came on from working out. Um, and it wouldn’t go away,” Knight also shared.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Went to Get Medical Help for His ‘Bad Headache’

Like many other people would do in that same situation, this actor from “The Brady Bunch” decided to seek medical help. And, that medical help led to him getting a test to help determine what was going on with him. Those results definitely caused Christopher Knight a lot of stress.

“I went and I had a CAT scan. And it came back that I had a cerebral hemorrhage,” Christopher Knight also shared.

Obviously, this news was not expected. And, it made Knight worry about his life.

“But I’m going, ‘Oh, that ain’t good.’ I thought, ‘Huh, I could die,'” “The Brady Bunch” star also shared.

After getting this worrisome health news, Knight was sent back for more tests. And thankfully, those tests came back with a much better result. And that result really put his mind at ease.

“As it turned out, I had another MRI and CAT scan, um, and they said the first one wasn’t very good and it was blurry and there was no hemorrhage,” a still-relieved Knight also said.

You can watch “The Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight talk about his misdiagnosed brain hemorrhage here. He shares the story beginning around the one-minute mark of the interview.

Christopher Knight Said Show Helped Through Hard Times in Their Lives

Being incorrectly diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage was a difficult time in the life of “The Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight.

During his many encounters with fans, he learned how his show helped them make it through difficult times in their own lives.

“There are families that come out of the woodwork and say, you were just like my family. But many people also said, I was an only child, I was a latchkey kid, you were my family. And it worked in both instances,” Knight said.