‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Explained Why Kids ‘Never’ Wanted to ‘Disappoint’ Florence Henderson

by Suzanne Halliburton

In life outside of The Brady Bunch, Carol and Mike still acted as parental figures to all the kids. That was especially true of Florence Henderson.

You know you were raised right when you don’t want to do anything to make the family look bad. And according to Christopher Knight, the same was true with The Brady Bunch outside the show.

Knight, who played Peter Brady, acknowledged the impact Henderson had on his life in 2019. That’s when he appeared on the Australian morning show, Studio 10. The context of the conversation was an offshoot of a discussion about the travails of Danny Bonaduce. He was Danny on the Partridge Family, which like the Brady Bunch, was classic 1970s-era TV.

“Talking about Danny Bonaduce, he didn’t have what it meant to be Brady around him,” Knight said. “With Florence and Bob (Robert Reed), these are people you didn’t want to disappoint. And as my wife out in the audience can attest, Florence, bless her soul, was not a person, even right before she passed away, was not a person I wanted to disappoint.”

Henderson Thought Barry Williams Boxing Made Brady Bunch Look Bad

Then Knight brought up an incident involving Barry Williams, who was older brother Greg on The Brady Bunch. Williams decided to do Celebrity Boxing on Fox. Billed as “Barry da Butcher” Williams, he fought Danny Bonaduce, known in the ring as “Boom Boom.” Well, Boom Boom sliced up Barry da Butcher. Bonaduce knocked Williams to the mat five times in the first two rounds. And Williams’ trainer called the fight.

Florence Henderson did not approve.

“Barry said yes to something I said no to, and that was boxing,” Knight recalled. “She thought it was embarrassing, just embarrassed himself, he embarrassed us Bradys. (Henderson) had her own family and we were hers. She was like that.

“She was a lady with a lot of personality and a lot of sass,” Knight said of his Brady Bunch mom. Henderson died in 2016. She was 82.

Knight Said He Felt Same Way About Robert Reed

Knight was asked if he felt the same way about Robert Reed, aka Mike Brady. He remembered that Reed died in 1992 and that Reed’s death was one of the first big family or friend kind of losses in his life.

“In life, I hadn’t started suffering those kind of losses yet. So it was one of the firsts,” Knight said. “And I … never had a chance to tell him what he meant. That was sad, to let that passage go. It was right at the beginning of my high tech career, and I didn’t feel I could take off work to go to his service. I regret that. Fact was, he was a tremendous influence. They all were on our lives.”

The Brady Bunch ran from 1969 through 1974. All six actors who played the Brady kids still are alive and thriving. And as evidenced by Knight being a recent guest on Australian TV, they’re still popular. Unlike many child stars, none of them got into a very public kind of trouble. They were raised right by their parents and their Brady Bunch mom and dad.