‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Revealed What It’s Like to Throw First Pitch at a Baseball Game: ‘Always Nerve-wracking’

by Josh Lanier

Being a celebrity is full of perks, but one of the more scary ones has to be throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s first pitch last year at a Nationals’ game ended up somewhere in Baltimore. And according to The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams, says they’re “always nerve-wracking.”

Williams is a seasoned pro at throwing out ceremonial first pitches so he knows what he’s talking about. And it doesn’t sound fun.

“It’s always nerve-wracking, you know,” he told News-Press. “You practice, you practice, you practice. And then you get on that elevated mound, and it’s a whole new world (laughs) … I’ve done pretty well the last couple of times. I’ve been surprised, occasionally.

“I just try to make sure it gets over the plate. I don’t care how fast it is! It’s not like I’ve got a batter there.”

The elevated mound seems to be the problem. At most recreational fields, the “mound” is just a dirt circle in the middle of the diamond. It’s not raised, so you don’t have to worry about pitching the ball downhill.

When Williams threw out the first pitch at a Cardinals’ game in 2015, he did exactly as he said he would, and he got it over the plate. The best part is he got to show off in front of his son.

If, perchance, you want to see what is considered the greatest first pitch in baseball history, check out Sister Mary Jo Sobieck’s throw here.

Barry Williams Divulges ‘The Brady Bunch’ Secrets

In the same interview with the News-Press, Barry Williams admits that The Brady Bunch characters could never live up to their TV counterparts. They were humans with hopes and faults.

He also admitted that it’s difficult trying to live up to that image. Tabloids are happy to print something untoward The Brady Bunch cast did. That was especially the case when it was revealed that Williams and Maureen McCormick had an on-again-off-again relationship behind the scenes of The Brady Bunch.

“I think it runs counter to the imaging,” he said. “People, like tabloids, they will jump on anything if they think it concerns a Brady, because of the wholesome imaging of it. None of us, I don’t think, is as wholesome as the Bradys portray.”

Though, Barry Williams was happy to confirm the rumor he dated his on-screen sister Maureen McCormick.

“Yeah! She was the hottest chick on the planet! … The difference between me and every other man in America, at that time, was I was there.

“Our first kiss was in Hawaii during the filming of the episodes… That was a pretty good plan on my part. I got the network to send us to Hawaii, and I got us set up on the beach. I had the full moon going on. …”

The sometimes-on relationship lasted until Paramount canceled the show a year later.