‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Said Costar Asked Her if Eve Plumb ‘Hated’ Her After Their ‘Feud’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fighting between sisters, even pretend sisters like those on The Brady Bunch, can get so tedious when someone is caught in the middle of the argument.

That was the case with Susan Olsen, who played Cindy, the youngest of the six kids on The Brady Bunch. Decades later, Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Eve Plumb (Jan) got into a tiff, when McCormick began intimating that she and Plumb had a fling on set.

So Olsen found herself in the middle of the feud, playing the go-between. By 2009, she was tired of hearing from McCormick about the fight.

Olsen said in an interview with Retrality.TV:

“Maureen asked me, does Eve hate me?” Olsen recalled. “And I said, ‘no, Maureen, it’s worse than that. She doesn’t care.'”

That’s an ouch. We all know indifference is far worse than hate.

“There’s no feud, there’s no active feud,” The Brady Bunch star said. “I don’t think Eve is losing any sleep over it. But I don’t think she appreciates — this has been going on for as long as my son has been alive. Because it started at least 10 years ago on a show I happened to be watching.”

Brady Bunch Star Said Feud Started Years Before Maureen McCormick’s Memoir

Olsen said while she watched the show, McCormick “giggled” about an affair with Plumb while on set of The Brady Bunch. And Olsen shook her head. “If I were Eve,” Olsen said, “I wouldn’t be as angry about it.”

So according to Olsen, McCormick pushed the story about the kiss several years before her 2008 memoir Here’s the Story.

Olsen also discussed the rift with Fox News. The Brady Bunch has been off the air since 1974, but it’s still popular on cable networks and streaming services. The kids are all grown with children and grandchildren of their own. But they’re also in never-ending childhood thanks to reruns.

“I don’t like there to be a rift in the family,” Olsen said of her Brady Bunch co-stars. “I love them both. and this means whenever we get together for any project there will only be one or the other. But I do understand Eve’s point of view.

“She got tired of Maureen gaining attention for herself by regurgitating the tiresome and false insinuations that they had a lesbian affair.”

While friction between the two meant there weren’t full cast commemorations for the 40th anniversary of The Brady Bunch, that wasn’t the case at 50. All six actors who played the Brady kids reunited for HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation.

The six actors helped renovate their old Brady Bunch home. According to Deadline.com, the opening episode of the docu-series in 2019 was the highest rated premiere in HGTV history. And it probably wouldn’t have been possible if either Marcia or Jan sat out the show because of a lingering feud.

Check out the interview with Susan Olsen of The Brady Bunch: