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‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Named Her Son After Co-Star Mike Lookinland

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for TV Land)

The six actors and actresses who played the blended siblings on The Brady Bunch grew incredibly close while filming their wholesome series. And one star loved a cast member so much that she named her son after him.

The men and women who played the Brady kids on The Brady Bunch reunited in 2019 for a Q&A interview. But it doesn’t sound like the stars lost touch since the show ended in 1974. They’re still best friends.

While chatting with the New York Post, the castmates revealed who they were closest to during filming. And Susan Olsen said that Mike Lookinland was her “favorite.” In fact, Olsen loved the Bobby Brady actor so much that she named her son after him.

And Lookinland felt the same way about Susan Olsen. He said that Christopher Knight was and is his best friend. But he and Olsen were “very buddy-buddy.” Lookinland thought that Olsen had a bizarre sense of humor, and he loved that about her.

“She has a real sick sense of humor,” he said. “And I thought, “She’s a little off” and I thought it was my duty to keep her laughing. So we hit it off on that basis.”

‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Revealed Why Florence Henderson Was a Beloved TV Mother

The Brady Bunch’s Florence Henderson graced the screen as Carol Brady, Mike’s warm-hearted wife and mother of six. She was a friend and mentor to all of the Brady actors, and when she passed in 2016, her on-screen children were heartbroken.

During a 2020 interview with Fox News, Susan Olsen, who played the youngest daughter Cindy, remembered Florence Henderson and shared why Florence is one of the most iconic sitcom mothers of all time.

Olsen shared that Florence had a deep connection with The Brady Bunch actors. And viewers could sense that connection when they watched the show each week. On top of that, Florence’s true personality radiated on screen. So people were drawn to her.

“I’ve always said that people are more psychic than given credit for,” Olsen said. “Our audience saw that Florence’s love was genuine. All of the love between the cast members was genuine and people were drawn to that.”

Florence Henderson continued her Hollywood career after leaving The Brady Bunch and worked up until she passed at the age of 82. Florence’s legacy remains intact as being an upbeat and kind person.

When asked how she hopes fans remember her Brady mother, Susan told Fox that she hopes audiences will always recall how Florence made them feel every time they watched her act. And she also wants them to remember how “their spirits [were] lifted and their faces [smiled] from her art.”