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‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Once Revealed When ‘Things Got Out of Hand’ at the Paramount Studios

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jerod Harris/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Susan Olsen of “The Brady Bunch” recalled the glorious days when she, her cast members, and others would run freely around Paramount Studios.

Olsen, who played younger sister Cindy Brady in the ABC sitcom, talked about spending time on the lot in a 2012 interview with The Bigfoot Diaries. During the interview, she offered up an experience about a time when things got out of hand there.

“Paramount was a big, spooky, rundown place when we started,” Olsen said. She adds this was before they made them a billion dollars. “It was gloriously creepy and since kids were not plentiful, there were few safety precautions.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Remembered When a Game of ‘Trust’ Went Awry

“There was an old Commissary (cafeteria) that had been closed down and it wasn’t locked,” she said. “We would go in there and explore.”

Olsen said they were playing a game of “Trust” in the meat lockers when something happened.

“I don’t know if she instantly panicked or if we maybe sort of forgot about her, but Florence’s (Henderson) daughter, Barbara, became very upset and was crying,” Olsen said. “We brought her back to our set and Florence was not pleased nor were our biological mothers.”

“The Brady Bunch” star was forbidden to go there again. In fact, Olsen didn’t go back to any space that endangered her and her friends. Olsen played Cindy in all five seasons that the family show aired on ABC from 1969-74. Obviously, it has lived on in classic TV rerun history since leaving the network.

Olsen Got the Chance to Hang Out With Chevy Chase During the Hottest Time of His Career

“The Brady Bunch” stars would gather for specials after the show’s original run ended. They did work together in the 1970s on “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.” It was during the filming of one of the shows where Olsen ended up watching actor-comedian Chevy Chase at work.

In 1976, Chase hit it big on “Saturday Night Live.” He earned the right to have his own TV special.

But Chase and Paul Shaffer, who was working with Chase, would get Olsen and castmate Mike Lookinland out of school.

Olsen jokingly said Chase and Shaffer “contributed to the corruption of us minors.” At the time, Shaffer was musical director for “Saturday Night Live.” He would go on to be musical director for David Letterman’s late-night talk shows on NBC and CBS.

That’s a pretty cool thing to happen for Olsen and Lookinland, who played youngest son Bobby on the show.