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‘The Brady Bunch’: Susan Olsen Revealed Why Trip To Hawaii Was Her Favorite Part of the Show

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

The stars of The Brady Bunch loved each other like a real family. And Cindy Brady’s Susan Olsen remembers the moment her fans realized that.

While chatting with the New York Post, the Brady kids talked about their favorite memories from the show. And Susan Olsen’s favorite was the time an episode was filmed in Hawaii. Going to a tropical paradise is fun for any kid, but that’s not why Olsen loved the trip. Instead, she was “proud” that her fans recognized that the cast members were a true family.

During the interview, Olsen said that her first day on the island started out grim then turned into a lasting memory.

“Robert Reed [Mike Brady] actually showed up at the airport when we arrived. And when we got to the hotel, I said, “Oh no, it’s raining” — I wanted to go swimming — and he said, “Don’t worry about it, Susan, everybody here swims in the rain.” I didn’t swim very well and my mom was fine letting Bob take care of me and I’m on his shoulders in the ocean and all rest of the Bradys are there and we’re watching people go, “Is that Bobby? Is that Cindy? It’s Mike and Carol!” Soon we had all these people around us going, “They must be a real family” and I felt very proud that they thought that.

‘Robert Reed’s Love for the Kids on ‘The Brady Bunch’ Kept the Series Running

Robert Reed shared a unique bond with the six children who played the kids on The Brady Bunch.

In a documentary titled The Brady Bunch Exposed, people close to the popular 60s and 70s sitcom spoke about the late Mike Brady actor Robert Reed. And they all agreed on one thing—he was a good man who loved his fellow cast members like a family.

“In real life, a lot of TV dads at the time… were not the greatest of men and were certainly dreadful to their co-stars and the children on their shows,” said TV journalist Michael Idato. “Robert Reed was a man who had tremendous affection for the children. Always looking out for them.”

According to Idato, Reed wasn’t happy with the writing on The Brady Bunch. He was constantly battling with the producers “about the scripts and the shallowness of the program.” In any other situation, Reed would have walked away from the series early on. But he signed a new contract for five years because of “the tremendous affection he had for the six kids that were playing his children.”

And in an interview with ABC News, Lloyd J. Schwartz told shared the same sentiment.

“They became a family,” he said. “They became very attached to each other … Even Bob Reed, who was a personal pain to me, loved the kids and they loved him.”