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‘The Brady Bunch’: Two of the Stars Dated While Playing Siblings

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Almost overnight, “The Brady Bunch” became one of the most treasured shows in history thanks to its family-friendly themes and lovable characters.

While the show’s premise was relatively harmless, it offered a fresh take on the “modern family.”

However, despite the show’s wholesome nature, behind the scenes, it was a different story. 

In fact, there were a few risque moments that went on off-camera that fans may not know about. For instance, two of the on-screen siblings dated in real life. 

While Barry Willaims and Maureen McCormick played siblings Greg and Marcia on the show, they developed a romance when the cameras stopped rolling.

It might be odd to think of dating your on-camera sibling, but it comes as no surprise considering the amount of time they spent together. 

Williams and McCormick found their chemistry too strong to deny. As a result, the two began dating while “The Brady Bunch” was still taping new episodes. 

McCormick Details Young Love During Her Time On ‘The Brady Bunch’

In Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, McCormick confessed to how weird it was to film during their new romance.

In the book, she detailed how, at the time, she said to herself, “Oh my God! I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing?”

While filming their Hawaii episodes in Season 4 of “The Brady Bunch,” McCormick admitted that she and Williams shared their first kiss after years of flirting. 

Their mutual desire continued when they returned home from filming. 

“Our romance carried back to the mainland,” she wrote in her memoir. 

“For our first show back in L.A. … Barry and I had more than the usual number of scenes together, and we couldn’t have been happier.”

Despite other young actors being on set for “The Brady Bunch,” McCormick found herself drawn only to Williams. 

“There was so much electricity between us that I felt the hair on my arms stand up every time we got close to each other,” she revealed. “I thought about Barry even when I had other scenes with other guys. I used to ask myself how I could ever look in eyes other than his liquid blues and feel such love.”

Despite the whirlwind romance, it didn’t last. Willaims would later go on to have three different marriages— all of which ended in divorce. For McCormick, she married her longtime love Michael Cummings in 1985. The two are still married today.