‘The Brady Bunch’: Watch Barry Williams Play Himself on ‘Full House,’ One-Up Uncle Jesse

by Madison Miller

Barry Williams will likely never escape his legacy as the oldest of the Brady sons, Greg Brady, on the popular sitcom, “The Brady Bunch.”

In fact, he once had a guest appearance in another popular sitcom where he played he played himself, but his appearance on “The Brady Bunch” was subtly noted.

Barry Williams on ‘Full House’

On one episode of “Full House,” Williams is the new lead singer for Uncle Jesse’s band, The Rippers. The episode is “Making Out is Hard to Do” and it premiered in October 1994. It was nearly 20 years after his role on “The Brady Bunch.”

He is playing himself and is referred to as “former Brady” by Jesse. Even fictional Barry Williams is still Greg on “The Brady Bunch.”

Barry Williams manages to surpass the musical talent of Jesse in the episode. The two of them are in the studio as Jesse says, “Listen, I’ve been in the music industry for a long time and nothing happens overnight.”

It then flashes to a scene of Jesse’s entire family dancing along to the song. It’s on the radio in just a day. Jesse’s jealousy in feeling replaced is evident just by the defeated puppy dog look on his face when he enters the room.

The band was formerly known as Jesse and The Rippers. They performed throughout the duration of the sitcom. The song from this episode is called “April Girls.” It is actually a song from a band from San Francisco called Family Pets.

The band reunited in 2013 to perform some of their hits on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The band performed the theme song from the show, “Forever,” while on the show. The group had covered artists like Elvis and The Beach Boys during the show’s run. Uncle Jesse singing onstage with his mullet is an unforgettable moment in television and sitcom history.

Williams Musical Career Outside of ‘The Brady Bunch’

In addition to “Full House,” Williams made guest appearances in shows like “Three’s Company,” “Police Woman,” “That 70s Show,” “A.N.T. Farm,” and “Bigfoot.”

One of his biggest roles was playing a conman named Hannibal in 1984 in the popular show, “General Hospital.” He also appeared in other “The Brady Bunch” reunion movies.

After “The Brady Bunch” was canceled in 1974, Williams began to pursue a career in musical theater. While on the show, the family also had released several albums as The Brady Kids as well.

He toured in shows like “Grease,” “The Sound of Music,””West Side Story,” and “Romance/Romance.”

He also performed a parody in 2000 of Eminem’s popular song “The Real Slim Shady,” but instead called it, “The Real Greg Brady.” According to his official biography, he was also a radio DJ on satellite radio SiriusXM. Williams has continued to profit off his “The Brady Bunch” character.

He recently wrote and produced “70s Music Celebration! Starring Barry Williams” which ran for six years in Branson, Missouri. He isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon and is the oldest surviving member of “The Brady Bunch.”