‘The Brady Bunch’: Were the Brady Kids Lipsyncing During Songs?

by Anna Dunn

The Brady Bunch had its fair share of moments where members of the cast broke into song, but did they hire professional singers and have the kids lipsync? Or did the actors sing on their own?

According to Greg Brady actor Barry Williams, the kids all sang on their own with one slight tweak.

“We sang our own songs. You can’t get professional singers to sound like that – ever listen to the theme song? However, most of the time when we were recording, Christopher Knight’s microphone was turned off.” Williams told WRAL

Christopher Knight played Peter Brady on the show. But apparently, he didn’t have the best singing voice. Unfortunately, the mic-cutting was actually quite hurtful to the actor, who was only a kid when it happened.

Christopher Knight’s Least Favorite Episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Was one Where He had to Sing

Christopher Knight’s least favorite episode of “The Brady Bunch” is Do Re Mi because of what he experienced on set. When he was a kid, he felt like a lot of people on set were making fun of him for not being able to carry a tune to the point where production didn’t want him to be heard at all.

While the premise of the episode centered around Peter Brady going through puberty and struggling with his voice, it meant some unwanted attention and focus behind the scenes.

“What they did is they invented a very special way to avoid me having to sing and then pointed it out in what I thought was a cruel kind of way. And I hated that episode. I hated doing that episode,” Knight explained in an interview with Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson.

“The episode works, I just hated it for what went on [in] my little brain at the time,” he said.

No kid likes to be singled out, so it makes sense why the mic-cutting was so hard on the young actor. Thankfully, he had some close friends on set to make things better.

Christopher Knight and Barry Williams are Still Friends

Decades after the end of the show, Christopher Knight and Barry Williams remain close friends. While lots of The Brady Bunch cast stays in touch, Williams and Knight share a special bond.

“I love my whole Brady family but Chris and I have the most in common. We have gone on vacations, camping trips, competed in tennis together. He is a great guy. I beat him in tennis,” Williams told WRAL.

Knight was even the best man at Barry William’s first wedding, so the two definitely stay in touch after all these years.

Whether or not Knight was a great singer as a child doesn’t matter. The whole cast of The Brady Bunch provided a wonderful escape for millions of fans. And while it’s been over for decades, it’s still one of the most iconic and heavily referenced pieces of television there is.