‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Barry Williams Said ‘None’ of Cast is as ‘Wholesome’ as the Bradys

by Joe Rutland

Barry Williams has had his fair share of headlines with his name in them during and after “The Brady Bunch” was on ABC.

If anyone believed the cast always was wholesome, then Williams is throwing a bucket of cold water on that right now. He was asked during a 2016 interview with the Fort Myers (Fla.) News-Press about dating costars Maureen McCormick and Florence Henderson.

“I think it runs counter to the imaging,” Williams said. “People, like tabloids, they will jump on anything if they think it concerns a Brady because of the wholesome imaging of it. None of us, I don’t think, is as wholesome as the Bradys portray.”

Williams said, “It’s an angle (for the tabloids). And, you know, they always build you up and tear you down.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Is Oldest Living Original Cast Member

He played the oldest brother Greg Brady in all five seasons of “The Brady Bunch.” McCormick played the oldest sister Marcia Brady and, obviously, Henderson played mother Carol Brady.

Williams, who is the oldest living original cast member at 66 years old, is married to Tina Mahina, his third wife. He has two children.

“The Brady Bunch” starred Henderson, Robert Reed [Mike Brady], and Ann B. Davis [Alice the housekeeper]. Besides Williams and McCormick, others who played the Brady children include Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, and Mike Lookinland. Sherwood Schwartz, who also created “Gilligan’s Island” for CBS, was behind the creation of the show.

Florence Henderson Said Entire Cast Made That Show Work

By the way, Henderson knew she was one lucky actress to be on the show. Henderson wasn’t actually penciled into “The Brady Bunch” lineup at first. Actress Joyce Bulifont was picked by Schwartz to play Carol until he heard Henderson was available.

Schwartz and show producers auditioned Henderson, who impressed them all so much. Schwartz found himself going over to Bulifont’s home and telling the actress that she was out of the cast. That’s quite a blow for an actress to hear after securing the role.

Henderson, though, took note of the entire cast, too. She said in an Archive of American Television Interview that Schwartz casting the right kids was a “stroke of luck”

“They saw hundreds and hundreds of kids and, my goodness, what a stroke of luck that they wound up with those particular kids,” Henderson said. “Because I think another reason why the show has lasted was that initial chemistry of Bob, Ann, me, and the six kids.”

People all over the world for nearly five decades have grown up watching “The Brady Bunch.” Another generation is getting ready to hear a story…about a lovely lady. Reruns are a beautiful thing to see for classic TV fans.