‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Bobby Actor Mike Lookinland Said ‘You Don’t Turn Down Work in Hollywood’

by Joe Rutland

“The Brady Bunch” star Mike Lookinland knows all too well about the world of acting in Hollywood. That’s why he offers a cautionary word.

“Right after ‘The Brady Bunch,’ I did ‘The Towering Inferno’ [a 1974 movie] and that was a huge epic,” Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, said in an interview for the DVD of “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.” “Script’s 250 pages or something and that took four months. And then, 20th Century Fox wanted to cast me in ‘Swiss Family Robinson,’ which was a new series.”

“I was up for that too,” Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” said in the same interview.

Lookinland said he didn’t know that and Olsen said child actor Willie Ames ended up getting that part on “Swiss Family Robinson.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Said Parents Made Him Turn Down Role

One thing: Lookinland didn’t want to do the part at all. The only way out of it, though, was for his parents to make him.

He said they “made me get on the phone.” So “The Brady Bunch” star had to make the call.

“I didn’t want to do it,” Lookinland said. “My eighth-grade class was going on a ski trip in the middle of winter. And my parents wouldn’t turn it down for me. They made me get on the phone and say to the producer, ‘I haven’t had a vacation in six years and I just don’t want to do your show.’

“You don’t turn down work in Hollywood if you want to get work in Hollywood,” Lookinland said. “Really. Know what I mean? Because nobody called me again after that.”

Lookinland Left Show Business But Has Made Appearances on Reunion Shows

No, Lookinland didn’t end up going down some dark hole as child stars can sometimes find themselves. What he did do is leave show business in the dust. His life is reportedly now dedicated around making decorative concrete in Salt Lake City, Utah.

But Lookinland has taken part in “The Brady Bunch” reunion shows or even interviews with his former cast members. The now 60-year-old has two children from his marriage to Kelly Wermuth back in 1987. They remain married to this day.

People all over the world still see Looklinland, Olsen, and their castmates thanks to the world of reruns. “The Brady Bunch” originally ran between 1969-74 on ABC. It was created by Sherwood Schwartz, who also created “Gilligan’s Island” on CBS.

Lookinland’s character was the youngest of three sons connected to Mike Brady, played by the late Robert Reed. Barry Williams and Christopher Knight played older brothers Greg and Peter, respectively.

Williams is now the oldest living member of the original cast at 66 years old. Obviously, Olsen’s older siblings on the show were Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb as Marcia and Jan. The late Florence Henderson played Carol Brady on the sitcom. And lest we forget the late Ann B. Davis, who played America’s favorite housekeeper in Alice. Well, she’s probably the world’s favorite housekeeper by now, too.