‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Cindy Actress Susan Olsen Favorite Episode is ‘Peter and the Wolf’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/WireImage/Getty Images)

With so many different types of episodes, “The Brady Bunch” star Susan Olsen has one of them which stands out in her memory.

Olsen told “The Bigfoot Diaries” in a 2012 interview that her favorite episode is called “Peter and the Wolf.”

“I like the one where Peter and Greg go on a double date and Peter’s such a dork,” she said, “he eats his fake mustache off.”

Olsen said she thinks “The Brady Bunch” fellow cast members Christopher Knight (Peter) and Barry Williams (Greg) “were genuinely funny in that one and the script was good.”

But her favorites of all to make? Well, Olsen said they obviously were the ones that were filmed in Hawaii.

As Cindy Brady, Olsen was the youngest of three sisters. Maureen McCormick played older sister Marcia while Eve Plumb played middle sister Jan.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Didn’t Hide Her Love For Show Dog Tiger

Olsen did have one particular cast member she was quite fond of a lot. No, it wasn’t one of the dudes. She loved Tiger the dog.

During breaks in shooting scenes on “The Brady Bunch,” Olsen would look around for Tiger and go pet the dog.

Three different dogs played Tiger on the ABC family sitcom. Chip was the first one, followed by Rupert who tragically died after a truck hit him. Thirdly, there was Tiger. No, “Tiger” the dog’s name this time actually was Tiger.

Sadly, that dog received a pink slip from “The Brady Bunch” producers. Olsen said that dog earned a “Doggy Oscar” for his role in a movie called “A Boy and His Dog” that starred Don Johnson. The movie was done before Johnson hit stardom in NBC’s cop show “Miami Vice.”

Olsen Wanted Rock Music, Not Disco, in Variety Hour Show

It didn’t sit too well with Susan Olsen to have “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” filled with disco music.

Sure, the show was done at the height of disco’s popularity in the mid-1970s. But the actor didn’t like the fact that rock music wasn’t considered for the show.

“I had ideas of going into rock and roll so being involved in a TV show where we performed disco music probably couldn’t have been any more loathsome to me,” Olsen said. “And yet I wanted to do it because I wanted to be with my family.”

Obviously, her “family” was “The Brady Bunch” cast that was on the show with her.