‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Greg Actor Barry Williams Feels ‘The Waltons’ Was an ‘Important’ TV Show

by Quentin Blount
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One star actor from The Brady Bunch has a very high opinion of the popular drama television series, The Waltons.

Fans of classic television can all agree that The Waltons was one of the most influential TV shows of its time. At least one fan agrees, and his opinion definitely carries some weight. That would be none other than Barry Williams — the man who played the eldest of the Brady sons, Greg Brady, on the ABC hit show, The Brady Bunch.

Of course, The Brady Bunch aired on American televisions starting in 1969 until 1974. As for The Waltons, the TV series began in 1972 and lasted for nine seasons until 1981. So, in a sense, Barry Williams and The Brady Bunch and could have been considered competitors with The Waltons for at least a couple of years.

However, despite that, Williams believes that The Waltons was a “very important” show. Both in his life and in the lives of others. He sat down with TV personality Mike Deeson with MeTV Tampa Bay for an interview in which he shares his thoughts on the popular ’70s show.

Which one would you choose? Gunsmoke or The Waltons? Barry Williams has his answer.

“I know this will probably surprise you. But you know, a lot of favorite shows have to do with where you are in your life when you come into them,” he explained. “[The Waltons] was very, very important. I think they told great stories and had great direction. It was kind of groundbreaking for the style that it was. And it was a really great family show.”

You can watch the entire 20-minute interview by clicking here. The live interview featured little bits of trivia, and a chance for fans to ask questions.

Barry Williams Speaks About His Favorite Guest Stars on ‘The Brady Bunch’

As a star of The Brady Bunch, you can bet that Barry Williams has been around his fair share of guest actors and actresses. But he spoke to Deeson about just who was his favorite to ever come on the show.

Two of Williams’ top favorite guest stars were also professional athletes. The first one he talked about was Don Drysdale — a professional baseball player and television sports commentator. A right-handed pitcher for the Dodgers back in the day, Drysdale is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“Well, we’ve talked about one of them already — Don Drysdale,” Williams said. “He was a big treat to have on the show and he was very cool.”

But Drysdale was not the only sports star to come on the show. Williams said that former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath also made an appearance.

“And in the sports world, Joe Namath was also terrific to have on our show,” he explained. “Florence Henderson had a huge crush on Joe and made no bones about it. He was constantly making her ‘red-faced’. But Joe was great. He came in, he was very low-key. He brought a football with him and we would throw the football in our Brady backyard between takes. That was great fun for us.”