‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Mike Lookinland Said His Move to Utah at Age 17 Was to ‘Run Away’

by Keeli Parkey

Being a child star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Even the fame, fortune, and status that come along with that fame don’t always equal happiness. Just ask one of the child stars of “The Brady Bunch.”

That child star is Mike Lookinland. He played Bobby Brady on the popular 1970s family sitcom. Bobby was the youngest of the Brady boys.

In fact, Lookinland felt so oppressed by the fame he acquired because of “The Brady Bunch” that he decided to leave Hollywood behind after the show came to an end.

According to an interview Mike Lookinland gave to Deseret News in September 2019, he chose to leave California for Utah in order to reclaim his childhood. “The Brady Bunch” actor was prompted to talk about this life-changing move when the publication asked him what it was like to live life after the show. The popular sitcom aired from 1969 through 1974.

The Bobby Brady actor first explained why he chose the state of Utah as his destination of choice. Also, he reportedly chose this destination because he believed that it would give him the anonymity he wanted after “The Brady Bunch” came to an end.

“I can say in retrospect that my move to Utah at the age of 17, having just graduated from high school, was an attempt to run away and get away, because in 1978, Utah wasn’t as established as it is now,” Mike Lookinland said during 2019. “It wasn’t on the map like it is now. … It turned out to work in my favor, but I wouldn’t have told you that at that time.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Mike Lookinland Said He ‘Wanted to Get Out of L.A.’

Like many child stars after him, “The Brady Bunch” star Mike Lookinland needed to escape from the Hollywood scene. One reason he wanted to do so was so that he could simply be able to be a young man living his life outside of the public eye.

I wanted to get out of L.A., get away from agents and managers and Hollywood,” Lookinland said. “And just be a kid in the mountains.”

While living in Utah, this star of “The Brady Bunch” experience important milestones in his life. Living there has also allowed Lookinland to have success as a businessman.

“I went to the University of Utah and met my wife while we were both attending the U., and put down roots and haven’t even thought about going anywhere else,” Lookinland said. “That’s how much we like it here. And now there’s a lot of people that understand the quality of life and the cost of living (here). Even during the worst part of the recession in 2009, Utah really didn’t suffer all that much. My business certainly didn’t. And I think one of the reasons is because it’s a good place run well by good people.”