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‘The Conners’ Face a Difficult Subject in Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

A new episode of The Conners is coming soon. The March 2 episode is set to be a very intense and dramatic story for fans.

While the show can be full of laughs, The Conners deals with some serious topics. Addiction, love, family, and more. Now it appears that there is going to be a shooting in the neighborhood. Something that many Americans are going to be able to relate to. Many might feel uncomfortable watching as the family deals with the situation.

The episode is aptly titled Triggered. “This special edition of The Conners continues the show’s legacy of handling difficult subjects,” the synopsis reads. “When the family is locked down in their home due to a shooting incident in the neighborhood. Viewer discretion will be advised.” ABC is set to air the episode on March 2 at 9:00 PM EST.

In a photo that Matt Carter and Jess shared on their site, it appears that Katy Sagal will be in the episode. So, that’s nice to see. However, it also looks like the family is staring in disbelief at the TV. Likely keeping up with the news and the situation at hand. Dan looks like he could pass out, to be honest. This looks like it will be a very serious episode. Things won’t be entirely negative as the show is known for having comedic relief no matter how dire things seem.

The Conners has been through a lot already this season. We saw Harris, Darlene’s daughter get into a relationship that was likely just not going anywhere. Then there’s Mark and all of his issues. He got into drugs due to his schoolwork slipping and there have been all of the moments that Dan had… safe to say it has been emotional in 2022.

‘The Conners’ Should Darlene Be Mad at Mark?

There has been a lot going on between Darlene and her son Mark. Like, a lot. Darlene is getting over her relationship with Ben. But, she has another romance flaring up as well. So, what is she to do? It is clear that she has been busy. Meanwhile, Mark got into all that he was into after struggling to get on track in school. Now, Mark is worried about future tuition costs. He has a job.

Not just any job, though. It appears that he has started his own little business. But it is a little more scrupulous than a lemonade stand, and a little more sinister, too. Mark, being the smart young man that he is decided to capitalize off of his talents. So, he started to do homework for seniors. A ghostwriting service.

Darlene found out, and she wasn’t happy at all. It is academic dishonesty, after all. Who hasn’t done a paper or had a paper done by someone else, though? As a mom, Darlene does have to come down on Mark. He could get into trouble. But Mark is doing what he can on The Conners and doing what is right in his mind. Maybe she should lay off of him. What’re a few extra dollars, anyway?