‘The Conners’: Here’s Why Jackie Is No Longer a Cop

by Taylor Cunningham

Aunt Jackie retired from the force way back during her time on Roseanne. But it wasn’t until this season of The Conners that she finally explained why.

Jackie Harris has actually been through quite a few professions in her day. When Roseanne began, she worked with her sister at Wellman Plastics. And then when she was finally fed up with that dead-end job, she worked in a cosmetics department and as an actress.

But after floating around for a while, Jackie decided that she wanted to find a more meaningful career. So, she headed off to the police academy and eventually got a job at the Landford PD.

Wearing a badge was always a source of contention between Roseanne and Jackie. Roseanne was terrified that she’d lose her sister on the beat. And that nightmare almost became a reality. One night while Jackie was on the clock, Roseanne got a call from the hospital saying her sister had been shot.

It turned out that Jackie was not hurt by an offender, though. The gunshot was accidentally self-inflicted. Nevertheless, she quickly left the force and became a truck driver. And aside from mentioning that she didn’t want to end up working a PD desk job, the show didn’t really address why she quit.

But a few decades and two spinoffs later, Jackie Harris finally revealed why she retired from the Landford Police Department. Apparently, it was because she was sick of seeing teenagers trade in their futures for a life of crime.

Mark’s Prescription Drug Addiction on ‘The Conners’ Made Jackie Remember Why She Left the Force

Aunt Jackie’s former law enforcement career came up in a conversation during the episode titled Hot For Teacher And Writing A Wrong. The Conners had just found out that Mark was abusing ADHD medication in order to keep his grades up. And the family was deciding how to deal with the situation in the healthiest way.

Because Jakie was once a cop, she figured she could use some of her old interrogation tactics to get Mark to open up about his problem. And that led to a whole discussion about her short stint in uniform.

While chatting, Aunt Jackie admitted that she had a hard time watching kids like Mark turn to drugs. And after seeing too many of them end up in jail, she decided to quit.

Of course, Dan hadn’t forgotten about Jackie’s little accident all those years back. And he couldn’t help but remind his sister-in-law that she ended up quitting after shooting herself in the leg.

Jackie was quick to save face though. After being hilariously called out, she claimed that the accident was a direct result of the grief and stress that the job was causing.