‘The Conners’: Here’s Why One Story Element Makes No Sense

by Taylor Cunningham

Recently on The Conners, Darleen hatched a plan to ensure that Mark can snag a college scholarship. But the whole storyline has us scratching our heads.

While Mark Healy is only 14 years old, he has his eyes on the future. And he knows that he’d like to go to college one day. But because he comes from a financially strapped family, he’s well aware that his dream may be hard to attain.

So this season, he came up with an ill-fated black market essay business. In order to start saving for his upcoming tuition bills, Mark began ghostwriting admission essays for his rich schoolmates. And when Darleen found out about his dealings, she put an end to them.

But after accepting that Mark was right to worry about college money, she decided she needed to help him find a more ethical approach to fund his schooling. And after hours of research, she learned that most college orchestras need musicians who play uncommon instruments—like the contrabassoon. And they’re willing to hand out full-ride scholarships to students who can play them.

So, she decided that was her son’s ticket to school. But considering that a contrabassoon costs as much as a few college semesters, the whole idea makes absolutely no sense.

To purchase the obscure woodwind interest, Darleen will have to come up with $15,000-35,000. And even if she happens to find a used contrabassoon floating around, she’ll still have to fork out around $20,000. Then, the perpetually broke Conner will need to come up with the cash to get her son enough lessons to make him a contrabassoon master in less than four years.

Considering that The Conners is solely based around the plight of the working-class American, the instrument of choice adds a big plot hole to the series.

But because Darleen hasn’t gotten around to purchasing the instrument just yet, it is possible that the storyline will blossom into a whole mess of antics that surround the struggle of funding the plan.

‘The Conners’ is on Hiatus Due to the Winter Olympics

However, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out how the whole story will shape up. Because due to the 2022 Winter Olympics, The Conners, and most of our other favorite series, is taking a short hiatus.

According to Express, networks decided it would be disastrous to compete with the games this year. So nearly all current shows have been postponed until after they end on Sunday, February 20th.

The last time The Conners aired a new episode was on February 2nd. And luckily, we don’t have much longer until the break is over. The story will pick back up—and possibly explain how Darleen is going to buy an instrument that costs as much of a car—on February 23rd.