‘The Conners’: Katey Sagal Reveals Whether She Plans on Returning to the Show

by Matthew Wilson

Katey Sagal is setting the record straight. The actor recently revealed whether she plans on returning to “The Conners” for more episodes.

Sagal plans on joining the Conner family for as long as they’ll and the show producers will have her. She doesn’t foresee a conflict between the show and her new drama she’s starring in. Sagal took on a lead role in the 2021 series “Rebel.”

“I’ve actually been doing ‘The Conners’ while I’ve been doing ‘Rebel’ and it’s in my contract because I’m hoping to continue doing ‘The Conners,'” Sagal told AP Entertainment. “I love that over there. You know, I can’t do the whole season, but I can do what I did last season, which was I think 10 episodes.”

So for now, Sagal plans to stay on in a recurring capacity on “The Conners” rather than step into a starring role. But Sagal said she hopes to stay with the show long-term.

“Yes, that’s in my contract that I can stay there if they want me. Actually, the last episode I did, kind of extends my stay. So, I’m hoping that I get to stay. In a perfect world, both shows continue and I’m super, super busy,” she added.

Katey Sagal on ‘The Conners’

Fans of “The Conners” have been worried that Sagal’s days on the sitcom were limited. Often an actor landing a new show spells certain doom for their current stint on a show. But Sagal sounds like she has it all figured out contract-wise.

Both sitcoms and dramas have made up a large bulk of Sagal’s career after-all. She entertained audiences on “Married With Children” for years as Peggy. But her flair for dramas took her to greater heights when she starred on “Sons of Anarchy.”

Sagal is continuing her passion for both by starring on “Rebel’ but also staying on “The Conners” as well. “Rebel” casts Sagal as a law clerk based off Erin Brockovich, who pursues justice and fights for people in the legal system.

But “The Conners” showrunner Bruce Helford caused fans to panic when he mentioned Dan and Sagal’s character Louise may face relationship problems. Sagal’s character has been a part of the show as a love interest for Dan. The show has followed Dan Conner deal with life as a widower after his wife Roseanne passed away off-screen.

“There are some major events coming for Dan and Louise, as we come to the end of the season,” he told TV Line. “I can say that there are lots of couples on the show [where] love is in bloom… or in decline of bloom. But there will be events in all the relationships as we move towards the [finale].”

But fans should expect Louise and Sagal to return on “The Conners.”