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‘The Conners’ Star John Goodman Opens Up About Reviving ‘Roseanne’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Maybe John Goodman felt nostalgic, but the “The Conners” star said reviving “Roseanne” was about seeing “everyone again. 

The longtime actor said, “The Connors” was a strange evolution in a Vanity Fair interview.

In a chance meeting on “The Talk,” John Goodman said his former co-star Sara Gilbert asked him if he’d be interested in doing a “Roseanne” revival. At the time, Gilbert was a host and producer for the show.

The actor’s response, “anytime.”

John Goodman said the revival had been a great experience. He added, “a lot of the memories that came back were good. I filtered out all the other stuff.” 

The 69-year-old actor admitted the show “evolved” from there. Gilbert called folks, and the former stars got interested.

Now, it’s been four fantastic seasons and 64 episodes with ABC, and it seemly all started with a conversation and John Goodman just wanting “to do the show again.”

Goodman Nervous For One’ Big Lebowski’ Scene

John Goodman had a grand time working with the cast of “The Big Lebowski.”

The longtime actor, however, admitted one scene had him nervous. The car smashing scene took on a new meaning for the 1998 film.

He told Vanity Fair about the scene where he played Vietnam War veteran Walter Sobchak. The actor said he was “worried to death” while smashing up the car and yelling a bunch of foul words in a quiet neighborhood late at night.

However, those fears went away when he learned the directors, Ethan and Joel Coen, paid people to stay away for the night.

Goodman recounted that “it made me uncomfortable until I started doing it.” Soon after, he learned about the closed set, and then he “had the best damn time smashing that Corvette with a crowbar.” 

According to IMDB, Goodman has stated that he’s never had more fun acting in a movie than this one.

Goodman’s Horror Movies Ranked

ScreenRant put together a list of John Goodman horror movies and ranked them recently.

The actor, known mainly for his drama and comedy roles, had a few great movies over the years. 

His 1990 “Arachnaphobia” movie stands out among a few choices. Sure, Goodman plays Delbert the Exterminator funnily, which may be a big reason why the movie is a cult horror classic. 

His 1998 “Fallen” movie with Denzel Washington came in at number two. Goodman plays his cop partner in a film that involves a killer taking possession of people around Washington.

“Kong: Skull Island,” “10 Cloverfield Lane,” and “Red State” round out the website’s top list.

I don’t know. I liked him in the Mark Wahlberg movie, “The Gambler.” However, that’s more of a thriller than a horror movie. Another critical role was his Charlie Meadows role in “Barton Fink.” Goodman plays a warm and friendly guy, later revealed as a serial killer named Karl “Madman” Mundt.