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‘The Conners’ Star Lecy Goranson Discusses Becky Returning to Her Roots in Season 4

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

With season 4 of her hit series, The Conners, officially underway and her being absent in the season’s first episode, Lecy Goranson is now revealing what viewers can expect from her character Becky Conner in the upcoming episodes. 

While chatting with TVLine, The Conners star reveals that Becky, who will return in the September 29th episode, is drawn to Jason Alexander’s character, Paster Phil. The new character is a speaker at Becky’s Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. 

“Becky sees [Pastor Phil] as a truth talker,” The Conners star shared. “Not someone who’s dancing around things. He’s really gritty, to the point where [there’s no] filigree to what he says.”

The Conners actress further explained that Becky is impressed and even introduces Paster Phil to her sister Darlene. “She says to Darlene, ‘Look, this guy is the real deal. He’s not pretending to be someone he’s not. You wouldn’t believe that he’s actually a paster.’ Turns out, Darlene gets what Becky is saying.”

In regards to what Becky is also doing this season on The Conners, Goranson said that the character will be enrolling into school and attempts to get her life back on track. “It brings back her old self that’s kind of nerdy, and used to be a straight-A student,” Goranson added. 

The Conners is a spin-off of the 80s-90s hit series Roseanne. The original show was revived but was canceled after Roseanne Barr’s controversial tweets in early 2018. Barr’s original character was killed off, and the spin-off followers the Conners after she passed away. 

‘The Conners’’ Goranson Shares More Details About Her Character’s Struggles 

Earlier this year, Lecy Goranson opened up about the struggles that her The Conners character has experienced over the years. This includes the character’s alcohol addiction. “It’s been so hard on all of us. Becky is no exception to that,” Goranson explained. The actress stated that Becky is much like other people who are currently struggling to hold it all together. 

The Conners star also said she actually feels connected to her character. “I guess I don’t realize all the time how connected I am to the character until something like this happens. And I think, ‘Oh my gosh, can’t Becky get a break?’” Goranson revealed. She then noted that the character has come somewhat to terms with the fact that she’s needed help. But alcoholism is a scary thing for her to deal with. 

“We’ll see her really be strong. And by strong I mean, really coming to terms with what she’s been covering,” Goranson added.

Lecy Goranson has been Becky Conner since the original series’ seasons 1-5. She exited Roseanne in season 6 but came back for seasons 8 and 10. She has played Becky for all four seasons of The Conners.