‘The Conners’ Star Sara Gilbert Legal Separation Finalized

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Au Fudge)

Less than two years after splitting from her wife Linda Perry, The Conners star Sara Gilbert’s legal separation has officially been finalized.

According to TMZ, The Conners cast member and her now-ex have agreed on 50/50 split custody of their 6-year-old son, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry. They also have joint physical and legal custody. Details about the former couple’s property and other assets have not been disclosed publicly.

The Conners star and Perry got married in 2014. Gilbert gave birth to Rhodes in 2015. She also has two other children from previous relationships. In December of 2019, Gilbert filed for legal separation from Perry after more than five years of marriage. The actress cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reasoning for the separation. At the time, Gilbert requested neigh she or Perry receive spousal support.

Prior to Perry, The Conners star was in a relationship with television producer Ali Adler. She and Adler separated in August 2011. 

Linda Perry Opens Up About Her Separation From ‘The Conners’ Sara Gilbert 

During a January 2020 interview with US Weekly, Linda Perry spoke about her separation from The Conners star. “I mean, it’s life, man. Life is happening and you’re witnessing it. You know this is a moment in life and people will get to witness it.”

Perry also stated that despite the separation with The Conners castmate, she’s had an incredible journey. “I’m still on an incredible journey. That doesn’t mean things that that end doesn’t mean they’re over or they’re bad. It’s just you’re evolving into a different place. And that’s kind of how I’m looking at it.”

The 4 Non Blondes lead singer previously told the media outlet that she and The Conners star were done having children. “Sara can’t have any more kids. That part’s done. We barely squeaked out of this one.”

Perry also revealed that prior to their relationship, The Conners star didn’t do much holiday-wise. “Before me, Sara did nothing. There was no Valentine’s Day, Halloween, [or] Christmas. There was jacks— in that family before I showed up!”

Perry then said that she loves kids. “I’m always doing panels. I’m always trying to teach kids. My artist friends are always bringing their 13-year-old to my studio. Like, ‘OK! Do your thing!’ So it’s fun. There are always kids. THere’s always somebody that needs.”

Sara Gilbert Shares Details About Her Role on ‘The Conners’ & Moving on From ‘The Talk’

While chatting with USA Today in 2019, Sara Gilbert discussed her busy career, including juggling with The Talk and The Conners. “I enjoy feeling stretched, but I never want my work or my family to stuffer. So then I think where you suffer is with yourself.”

Gilbert goes on to note that she now has more time with her kids and time to be creative. “I’m exercising again. I’m developing projects.”