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‘The Conners’: Things Get Spooky for Halloween with New Guest Star

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images,)

The Conners has had some enjoyable Halloween episodes in the past and the synopsis of the one appearing tonight seems to suggest it’ll happen again. Along those lines, it appears this episode will feature a new guest star.

Entertainment Tonight obtained exclusive information about the episode, including the guest star, Timm Sharp. Sharp plays a vegan cafe and bookstore owner named River. It also appears he’s set to appear in a handful of episodes, rather than just the one tonight. Showrunner Bruce Helford describes him as “charming and unpretentious.” Additionally, he is “someone who is into Eastern philosophy but is not your usual hippy-type. He and Darlene chat about her choice in food and books.”

Going further, Helford stated the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles inspired River’s cafe. The setting will also change up Lanford a bit, he says. “It’s kind of along those lines and it’s a very different thing for Lanford. It attracts certain people, who are vegan and looking for spirituality as well.”

About the Halloween episode itself, it’s titled “Peter Pan.” Despite the Conner’s home having a leaky roof, they spare no expense decorating. Unfortunately, the mentioned leaky roof also forced Dan and Louise to cancel their honeymoon. “But all is not lost when Becky surprises the newlyweds and takes them on a virtual adventure around the world,” the synopsis reads. “Meanwhile, Darlene continues her spiritual journey, and Harris introduces Aldo’s children to the family, where more tricks than treats await.”

Overall, the Conners have a lot on their plates for Halloween. With Sharp’s character bringing a cafe to Langford, it should prove to be a fun episode.

‘The Conners’ Completely Disregarded One ‘Roseanne’ Character

As new characters and guest stars appear on The Conners, others apparently bite the dust. Despite being a prominent character in the latter Roseanne seasons, one person got completely dismissed on The Conners.

Coincidentally, during last year’s Halloween episode, Becky made an odd comment. At one point, she mentioned being one of Dan and Rosanne’s three children. Dan then replies he and Roseanne “had one favorite and two backups.” If you watched the later seasons of Roseanne you’ll remember Jerry Garcia Conner was there, their fourth child. This exchange seems to negate Jerry’s existence entirely.

Bruce Helford talked to TVLine about this omission. Apparently, some characters and storylines stifled the writers creatively, so some things were put in the “dream” period of Roseanne. “We didn’t really have room to add Jerry Garcia, but we had a soft spot in our hearts for him, so we put him on a fishing boat and said he rarely contacted the family.”

So, he apparently does exist, but he’s just doing his own thing on a fishing boat somewhere.