‘The Conners’: Will Darlene and Ben Reunite?

by Taylor Cunningham

The Conners is finally setting up the chance for Ben and Darlene to rekindle their romance.

The two former love birds had a long-running relationship that came to an abrupt stop at the end of season 3. When Dan decided to go to the next level with Louise, Darlene decided she wanted to meet Ben at the altar, too. But unfortunately, Ben didn’t feel the same.

Darlene proposed and Ben said, “no.” And then, he turned brutal. Instead of trying to make the situation as painless as possible for his heartbroken girlfriend, he proceeded to explain every single one of her faults. And as you can guess, the relationship ended then and there.

Then season four opened, and the two were split and bitter. Darelene started dating again just to get under Ben’s skin, and the two had countless petty fights. But for some reason, they kept talking to each other.

Ben even helped The Conners when Mark started abusing ADHD medications. And, he even walked his ex down the aisle with Dan and Louise said “I do.”

But for most of this year, the duo seemed more like a side story that the writers weren’t going to circle back to for a while. However, in the last episode, we saw some sparks start to fly once again.

During the episode titled Sex, Lies, and House Hunting, Darlene was experiencing the woes of the real estate world. And she discovered that married couples had a better shot of winning a lease. So, she asked Ben to pose as her husband.

‘The Conners’ Ben Jumped at the Chance to Pose as Darlene’s Husband

The idea came after Darlene found the perfect house in her price range and decided to sign on the dotted line. But perchance, the estate agent noted that the owners would never agree to hand the keys to a single woman.

So as Darlene always does, she hatched a plan. She had Ben come to an open house and meet the real estate agent.

And just like they had in previous seasons, the two worked together seamlessly. They made their faux marriage look believable.

Then when the time came to sign the lease, Ben even offered to co-sign. But that was where Darlene drew the line. She didn’t want to rely on her former lover financially. And that decision actually made their possible reunion more believable.

One of the reasons the once-solid relationship ended was because Darlene had veered away from her independent personality and allowed Ben to be too involved in her choices. But being single again made her realize that she needed healthier boundaries.

And as we’ve noticed in recent episodes, Ben seems to grow closer to Darlene as she reconnects with her true self. So the setup on last week’s episode seems to be a perfect start to rebuilding the couple so they can start a new, stronger bond.