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‘The Conners’: Will Joe Walsh’s Warning Doom Harris’s Relationship?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/WireImage)

As far as big guests go, The Conners landed a big one with Joe Walsh. But, is Harris and Aldo’s relationship in jeopardy now?

Some might argue that Aldo and Harris were doomed from the start. It is quite a strange couple. Harris is just 19 and is still growing as a person. Meanwhile, Aldo has three kids, is twice her age, and is at a completely different point in his life than his younger girlfriend.

Joe Walsh’s character has basically entered the picture for one thing and one thing only…break up Harris and Aldo. He just doesn’t think that it is right for his son to be with Harris and believes they are doomed from the start anyway. It isn’t something that the father is mad about, it is just something that he has observed and believes to be true. Now to see The Conners do something.

There is a weird thing with Harris and Aldo. They aren’t a bad couple. It isn’t like they are always fighting and screaming and getting into drugs and things. The fit just isn’t right. There have been others in the Conner family that have had far worse relationships.

Right now, Darlene and Ben‘s tribulations take up most of the romance story arcs. So, Walsh’s character, Jesse, has to step in and point out what others aren’t really seeing. He talks to Dan about his own life and raising his children. Jesse was immature for a long time. Now, Aldo is the same way. It was so bad, in fact, that his first wife had to turn to drugs to deal with the issues they had at home.

Aldo is going to live Aldo’s life. Harris would just be dragged down into it. Hopefully, the Conners see the writing on the wall.

New Opening for ‘The Conners’?

One of the great parts about The Conners is how much the show’s producers and showrunner Bruce Helford talk about the show. We get to look into the details and get some information that might not be readily available otherwise.

While speaking to Screen Rant, Helford mentioned changing up the opening sequence on the show.

“I think it’s gonna have to be updated,” Helford explained. “Honestly, it’s one of the things we’re experiencing a lot right now, is that with a lot of our actors, the availability of everybody is so scattered. And then, unfortunately, Katey had her accident. So we haven’t had a chance to kind of get everybody in one place at one time. Everybody’s been kind of out and about, and a lot of the actors have other gigs that they do, and things like that.”

So, no new opening yet for The Conners. But, a possibility in the future? Who will be added? Taken away? It will be fun to have a new intro to the show. It hasn’t been changed since Season 1.