The Cure Bassist Simon Gallup Leaving Band: ‘Fed Up of Betrayal’

by Samantha Whidden

The Cure is down a bassist. After 40 years, Simon Gallup announced he has officially parted ways from the iconic English rock band. 

According to The Independent, the now-former The Cure bandmate announced in the early hours of Sunday (August 15th) on Facebook that he has decided to depart from the group. “With a slightly heavy heart, I am no longer a member of The Cure! Good luck to them all…”

But, Gallup wasn’t quite finished with his announcement. When asked if he was ok, The Cure’s ex-bassist stated, “I’m OK… just got fed up of betrayal.”

Gallup notably joined The Cure in 1979 after working with the rock band’s frontman and founder Robert Smith on the side project, Cult Hero. Simon did exit the group in 1982 due to an altercation with Smith while on the Pornography tour. He later rejoined in 1984 and was second to Smith as being the band’s longest-serving member. 

Along with Smith, the current bandmates of The Cure are Roger O’Donnell, Jason Cooper, And Reeves Gabrels. The band has yet to respond to Gallup’s departure publicly. The band is not on tour at this time.

Robert Smith Discussed The Cure’s Growth Over the Years 

In an October 2019 interview with NME, Robert Smith opened up about The Cure’s growth over the years. “There are so many misconceptions about the band. They’re misconceptions from my point of view and I suppose that’s what I’m getting at,” Smith declared. 

Smith also stated there’s no real definite history of The Cure, just facts and figures. “But each of us has a completely different memory. We were talking about a show from [2019] and each of us had a completely different version of events. None of them are invalid.” 

“Obviously to me, there’s only one true story and that’s mine,” The Cure frontman then says. “But, I don’t want to look back on something until I’ve finished doing it. And I don’t quite feel ready to do that yet.”

While also discussing his past feud with Morrissey, The Cure bandmate stated, “Even at the time I never quite understood what the problem was. [The feud is] far from important now.”

In regards to how he has created new music over the years, The Cure frontman shared, “I spent months watching bands, which in turn led me to want to make new music because they were having so much fun. It has a really energizing effect on me. Not just as a musician and a writer, but just as a person.”

He goes on to add, “Being around a lot of younger people who were incredibly enthused by what they were doing. I’d just lost that a little bit and needed something to bring it back.