The Eagles Doesn’t Plan to Make New Music Anytime Soon: Here’s Why

by Clayton Edwards

The Eagles took off in the early seventies. Then, the band spent years building a massive catalog full of great songs. Tracks like “Take it Easy,” “Witchy Woman,” “One of These Nights,” and, of course, “Hotel California” are all classics. Over the years, the band’s lineup has changed a few times which brought different creative energies and perspectives into the mix. As a result, the band’s sound and subject matter have shifted over the years. In 2017, bluegrass icon and all-around stellar roots musician Vince Gill joined the band.

With the addition of Vice Gill to the Eagles, many people wondered if he’d lend his creative touch to new music. An interviewer with asked him about the possibility of new music from the band.

Vince Gill on Why the Eagles Aren’t Making New Music

The interviewer wanted to know, “Do you think this incarnation of the Eagles has some original music in it?” Unfortunately, Vince Gill said, “I don’t think so.”

Then, he went on to explain why they’re not looking to record anything new. “There doesn’t seem to be any kind of attempt at that, and I think that’s pretty healthy,” he told the outlet. Part of that, Gill revealed, is because he worries that Eagles fans aren’t ready to accept a bluegrass musician.

Gill said that Eagles frontman Don Henley offered to work one of Vince’s songs into their live set. He declined. The reason behind saying no is likely the same reason they aren’t making new music. “I’m already stepping onto a place where a lot of people may not be that accepting of me.” Gill went on to say that he didn’t want to turn the fans against him. “The last thing I want to do is give them one more reason to say ‘I didn’t come here to hear his songs, too. I just came to hear Eagles songs!”

Earlier in the interview, Gill pointed out that there are plenty of great Eagles songs. So, there’s no need to make new ones. The fans are already getting exactly what they came for. “You’ve just got that catalog of material and every night it’s great song after great song after great song.”

Gill on Joining the Band

Vince Gill has been in several great bands over the years. However, he never thought he would land in the Eagles. He’s happy to be sharing the stage with Don Henley and the guys. He joined after Glen Frey suddenly passed away. So, joining the band is bittersweet.

Gill went on to say that, as strange as it sounds, his joining the Eagles makes sense because “[Glen Frey] was an old friend and I actually knew all those guys fairly well over the years.”